1. Boost your brain with beer

    Beer! It's one of life's greatest guilty pleasures -- but I've never understood why you've had to feel guilty about it at all.

    I've told you time and again how booze helps protect the heart, brain, and more. And now, a new study shows how beer in particular can make you smarter.

    We're not talking "smarter over time" or "beer drinkers tend to be smarter" but an actual, measurable boost in problem-solving skills the moment you even smell those hops.

    In a series of experiments, researchers from the University of Illinois in Chicago asked 40 young men to play a drinking game. (And no, it wasn't beer pong.)

    It was a word game. The researchers gave three words, and the men had to find a fourth that fits the pattern. For example, the researchers might provide "peach," "arm" and "tar" and expect the men to answer with "pit."

    Just one thing about this drinking game: Only half of the men got to drink during it. They were given two pints each, while the rest had to play sober.

    Turns out sobriety isn't all it's cracked up to be, because the men who had the beer solved 40 percent more word puzzles. They even did it faster, averaging 12 seconds per puzzle -- versus 15.5 seconds among the non-drinkers.

    Naturally, there was also a downside. The researchers say that while a blood alcohol level of 0.07 led to better creative problem-solving skills, it also took a little off the memory.

    So, it's true. You can drink to forget (at least while drinking -- because over time, a moderate booze habit can actually help preserve memory).

    But if you have a problem that needs solving, don't just have one drink. Have a second one, too.

  2. New push to limit booze

    A stiff drink at the end of a long day is one of life's greatest pleasures -- so naturally, some people are trying to rob you of it.

    They just never stop, do they?

    The latest assault on booze comes from Britain's Royal College of Physicians, which is begging the government to urge people to never, ever drink two days in a row.

    It doesn't matter if you've had the tiniest sip of Beefeater or an entire pint of bitter -- if you've knocked one back on Monday, they want you to knock it off on Tuesday... or at least avoid drinking for three days a week.

    The group says the liver needs at least that much time to recover from even the slightest exposure to alcohol -- a bizarre claim that isn't backed by a single realistic study.

    A 1993 study out of Finland, for example, found you can gulp down between three or four drinks every day of the course of an entire life without boosting your liver risk.

    Heck, if you've ever taken a close-up look at the organ, you'd see it was practically custom-made to process and metabolize alcohol -- which is precisely why a moderate habit won't do a bit of damage to a healthy liver.

    And while those daily drinks won't harm your liver, they can do so much more for the rest of your body: Moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke and diabetes. They're smarter, richer and live longer too.

    Miss out three days a week, and you might miss out on that -- so drink up.

  3. Booze for the brain

    Researchers looked at data on some 365,000 patients who took part in 143 studies published since 1977 and found that a moderate drinking habit can slash the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other forms of cognitive impairment by 23 percent.
  4. Shrinks try to nix booze for seniors

    I'm sick and tired of the mainstream treating seniors like children. ... Researchers from Britain's Royal College of Psychiatrists are urging their government to tell seniors they shouldn't have more than 1.5 units of alcohol a day. That's only half a bottle of beer!
  5. New study finds Big Pharma gunk in our water supply

    An investigation conducted by the Associate Press revealed that an incredible variety of pharmaceuticals was found in the drinking supply of 41 million Americans.
  6. Toilet water solves water shortage in Midwest

    Whether you realize it or not, we have serious water issues in this country. And recycling sewage water isn't just safe, it's also an efficient use of resources to solve an ever-growing problem.
  7. Overall Benefits of Tipping a Daily Glass or Two

    As you well know, a regular feature of the Daily Dose involves me singing the praises of moderate consumption of alcohol. It's an easy topic to revisit often, since lots of studies are proving the health plusses of responsible drinking.

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