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  1. Water can't cut diabetes risk

    Don't believe the headlines: Water won't keep diabetes away

    There are lots of things you can do right now to slash your risk of diabetes -- but drinking more water isn't one of them.

    It's so obvious -- or should be so obvious -- that I feel ridiculous even saying it, but Harvard researchers claim that women who drink a cup of this miracle elixir a day can cut their diabetes risk by 7 or 8 percent.

    That's quite the trick when you consider that water doesn't contain much of anything. But of course, there's a catch to this.

    There's always a catch, right?

    The reduced risk only kicks in when that cup of water replaces a cup of garbage, like soda.

    In other words, if you don't drink any sugary drinks, adding a cup of water to your day isn't going to do a thing for your diabetes risk. And if you do drink soda, replacing it with water can cut your risk -- but it's not because of the water.

    It's because you're drinking one less cup of crud a day.

    So, it's really just a fancy way of delivering the same common-sense advice I've been giving all along: If you want to cut your disease risk, cut the junk out of your diet.

    Don't just replace one cup of soda or juice with water. Replace all your sugar-sweetened beverages with better choices -- and it doesn't have to be water.

    Heck, I never drink water myself.

    Coffee and tea are much better choices, and the study found they can slash your risk even further than plain old water -- up to 17 percent, but only if you don't add sugar to them.

    As far as I'm concerned, THAT should've been the headline from the new study -- not this nonsense over water.

  2. Arsenic in your drinking water could harm moms and kids

    'Safe' levels of arsenic aren't so safe after all

    Arsenic is bad for you???

    Sounds like a no-brainer to me... but the no-brains at the Environmental Protection Agency think that since a little bit of poison won't kill you right away, it's OK to let people drink it.

    So they set a "safe" limit of 10 parts per billion. That might sound small, but in reality there's nothing safe about it -- and the latest research on mice shows that even these supposedly low levels can damage moms and babies alike.

    In a series of experiments, mouse mothers that drank arsenic-laced water made low-quality breast milk devoid of critical fats and other essential nutrients -- and as a result, their mice pups started off on the wrong paw.

    They didn't develop properly -- and just to make sure it wasn't a case of a bunch of runts, the researchers then let the mice nurse from mothers that weren't exposed to arsenic.

    And sure enough, once they got normal mouse milk, the pups began to develop normally.

    They're mice, of course, not humans -- but c'mon... do we really need even more research to figure out that this time-honored poison is bad news for mice and people alike?

    Here's my safe limit for arsenic: ZERO. Yet 25 million Americans drink water that exceeds even the EPA's ludicrously permissive arsenic levels.

    On the other hand, arsenic is hardly the worst ingredient in your water. If you brought those levels down to zero, your tap water would still be a toxic stew of both legal and illegal drugs, hormones, chemical waste, rocket fuel, and more -- not to mention all the poisons put in the water intentionally, like chlorine and fluoride.

    There's only one way to protect yourself and your family, and that's to install the only filtration system that gets rid of absolutely everything. It's called reverse osmosis, and these systems are cheaper than ever and easy to install.

    Be sure you place it where the water enters your home, and not just in the kitchen, to ensure that every tap is protected.

  3. Can veganism cause pancreatic cancer?

    Pancreatic cancer is the disease that ultimately claimed the life of Steve Jobs last year -- and if a guy with all that power and money can't beat it, you know it's bad news. But I can't help but wonder if the guy's vegan lifestyle did him in -- because there's a key mineral that can minimize your risk of this deadly cancer... and if you're munching on bunny chow, you're missing out.
  4. Arsenic and apple juice

    I'm sure you've heard all about the Great Apple Juice Panic by now -- but you'll have to pardon me for not joining in the outrage.
  5. Tap water raises this risk by 500%

    The most dangerous chemicals in your house aren't in your garage or basement -- they're flowing freely right from your kitchen sink.
  6. Superbugs in the water

    A frightening genetic mutation that can transform ordinary bacteria into the world's most powerful superbugs has been found in the water in New Delhi -- including water used for cooking, drinking and washing. Don't dismiss this as some remote threat in a faraway city -- because these bugs could hit you and your family, and sooner than you think.
  7. Tea beats water

    I call it the Great Water Myth, the bizarre notion that you need to drink eight glasses a day of water, and only water, or else.
  8. Drinking cancer

    It's cancer in a cup: U.S. drinking water is contaminated with a toxic chemical that your own government calls a "probable carcinogen."
  9. Commies send us tainted fluoride

    Communities from coast to coast have quietly turned to cheap Chinese "fluoride" for their local water districts.
  10. What's inside dirty U.S. drinking water

    You should see the crazy looks I get when people find out that I haven't had a glass of tap water in over 20 years. But maybe they won't think I'm so out in left field when they read the shocking information the latest studies have uncovered.

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