1. The doctor’s office mistake you should NEVER make

    You’ve sifted through the old magazines. You’ve filled out all of your insurance paperwork.

    Now, it’s finally time to plop down on that exam table and be seen by your doctor.

    Maybe you have a health problem that’s been bothering you for weeks… or even months.

    But be careful. Because that doctor’s visit could go off the rails FAST.

    Many patients make a crucial mistake during their appointments – just 11 seconds into them.

    And the consequences can be dangerous… even deadly.

    What’s the mistake? Letting your doctor interrupt you.

    When researchers from the University of Florida recently looked at more than 100 doctor-patient visits, they found something shocking: Once you start telling your doctor what’s wrong, he’ll interrupt you, on average, after just 11 seconds.

    That’s not just rude -- it’s irresponsible.

    And here’s where the study gets scary: TWO-THIRDS of the time, these interrupting doctors ended up being DEAD WRONG about why their patients were visiting!

    I spend a lot of time with my patients – it’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to build a successful practice.

    But man, oh, man, I’ve seen my physician colleagues do this more times than I can count.

    They try to speed up the conversation, and they jump to conclusions that are completely incorrect.

    And too many patients get intimidated in a doctor’s office – so they let the doctor monopolize the conversation and fail to get the help they’re seeking.

    Now, the Florida researchers point out that there are lots of reasons this may be happening.

    Doctors aren’t trained very well on patient communication in medical school (which is absolutely RIDICULOUS).

    And the way the insurance industry works, doctors need to see patients as quickly as possible. This has led to the rise of what I call “conveyor belt medicine.”

    But it doesn’t matter what the reason is… the behavior is completely unacceptable. Interrupting patients after 11 seconds is ignorant and arrogant.

    You deserve to feel comfortable and listened to during your doctor’s appointments. After all, your doctor works for you – not the other way around.

    Never let your doctor interrupt you and take over the conversation before you’ve had a full chance to explain your health concerns.

    Remind him that good manners go a long way.

    And if you don’t feel like your doctor listens to you, do yourself a favor that will save you a lot of heartache.

    Get a new doctor.

  2. Antibiotics for your appendix

    Show up in the hospital with a fever and a terrible ache near your belly, and you can count the minutes until they start hacking your appendix out.

    These days, the doctors in your hospital almost certainly know the appendix doesn't actually need to be removed in most cases. They just don't have the time (or interest) to pick and choose -- so they all come out.

    Plus, they don't want to be sued if they make the wrong choice and your appendix bursts like an overripe grapefruit.

    But now, a new study shows they shouldn't worry so much -- because up to 80 percent of all appendixes can remain in place even after acute appendicitis if docs turn to antibiotics instead of a scalpel.

    In a look at data from four studies involving some 900 patients, researchers found that 63 percent of those given antibiotics first intravenously, then by mouth, managed to keep their appendixes.

    The rest did eventually get surgery, but since statistics show that only 20 percent of appendix patients have the complicated appendicitis that requires the removal of the organ, the success rate from meds alone could ultimately be as high as 80 percent.

    And this is one case where meds make sense -- because you don't just avoid the knife itself. You avoid the risks that come with it: Patients on antibiotics had a 39 percent lower risk of complications, according to the study in BMJ.

    You also get to keep your appendix, which might not be as useless as scientists have thought. In fact, the latest research shows it may be a "safe house" for good bacteria, so that your stomach can get back on track after an infection.

    Given the growing number of dangerous stomach bugs out there these days, it might be a good idea to hang onto the keys to that safe house.

  3. The easy way to get hooked on painkillers

    Docs are supposed to PROTECT their patients from dangerous, addictive, and entirely unnecessary painkillers by giving them out sparingly -- or better yet, not at all. Instead, they're passing these meds out like mints at a diner, and they've turned a generation of seniors into painkiller junkies as a result.
  4. Missing the point on peroxide

    I really have to stop watching the TV doctors. Here's the latest: The so-called "America's doctor" actually had the nerve to urge his viewers to stop using safe, effective and inexpensive hydrogen peroxide for wounds.
  5. Your doctor's deepest, darkest secrets

    Ever get the sense that your doctor isn't being completely straight with you? You're not just paranoid. A new survey finds that many docs think it's OK to lie to their patients about everything from their cozy relationships with drug companies to serious medical mistakes.
  6. Who your doctor's really working for

    It's a matter of fact that docs who take cash from drug companies prescribe meds differently. OF COURSE they favor meds from the firms that pay them. OF COURSE they're more willing to use those drugs off-label. OF COURSE they're more likely to prescribe them willy-nilly.
  7. Your hospital room is filthy

    If you're ever unlucky enough to find yourself admitted to a hospital, do yourself a favor: don't touch anything.
  8. Exposed! Forced euthanasia in UK hospitals

    Old and in the way? Not for long if you're unlucky enough to land in a British hospital, where seniors are routinely left to die under secret "do not resuscitate" orders. Those orders are among the most difficult, painful, and intimate decisions you and your family could ever make -- but it's being stolen from you by doctors, nurses, and even office clerks who think they can play God.
  9. Unnecessary tests are YOUR fault

    It's not your doctor's fault he keeps ordering up tests you don't need -- it's YOURS! Docs admit in a new survey that patients are getting over-treated and over-tested -- and while the practice has helped those same docs earn big bucks over the years, that's not why they do it.
  10. Dirty docs and nurses spread germs

    The bartender acquires a deadly infection and kicks the bucket six days later. Now, who do you think gave it to him? My money's on the doctor -- and if you're a Daily Dose regular, you know why: Doctors are filthy... crawling with germs... and they don't even wash their hands most of the time.

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