Grab your gun-- before your doctor does

If you wasted an hour of your life watching 60 Minutes on Sunday, you were likely as outraged as I was over the segment on a small coalition of doctors who are using medicine to hide their REAL political agenda - gun control.

Be advised, this isn't just a small band of left wing subversives that are out to take away your right to protect yourself - and your family. But a coalition of groups representing 300,000 docs. They think they're entitled to poke around in the private lives of the families they treat, clucking like neurotic old grannies looking for dirty underwear and apple cores under the bed.

Watching 60 Minutes brought me to further revelations about the true scope of the gun-confiscation problem. I've written previously about pediatricians, but they are only one prong of an all-out attack by medical organizations across the board. But since most doctors know nothing about guns, they are ill-equipped to speak in this arena. They're no more qualified than a carpenter attempting to perform orthopedic surgery.

The physicians and medical organizations howling for gun restriction have a political agenda. Unfortunately, those doctors who are knowledgeable in the handling of firearms - and who appreciate their importance to public health and the safety of families - do not have a loud enough voice in mainstream medicine. All of the most powerful organizations have explicit anti-gun agendas, and are against your right to defend your family in your own home.

The medical campaign against home security - and that is precisely what it amounts to - is being conducted with the efficiency of a Panzer division. It is awesome in its scope and terrifying in its implications, and it will bring about the complete unshackling of the beast of uncontrollable government

Welcome to the United Soviet States of Amerika - the USSA - compliments of America's caring medical community.


This may not be worth reporting, but it's bizarre enough to perhaps be of some interest. Researchers at Cambridge University in England studied medical records from 14,000 people over the age of 45 who took part in a cancer study. They discovered that patients who were habitual snackers had a lower cholesterol level. This, they said, led to a 20% decrease in the likelihood of heart disease.

The findings were "adjusted to allow for weight, cigarette smoking, and levels of exercise," they said. However, I am still not impressed since they are working on the false paradigm of cholesterol causes heart disease.