New study claims diet drink can beat disease

I've seen oodles of wack-a-doodle diabetes treatments in my time -- but this one takes the shake.

I mean "shake" and not "cake" because that's what you'll get on this daffy new plan: diet shakes, and not much else.

Ready to sign up anyway? You'll need a jumbo-size box of straws and an iron will, because the diet allows just 600 calories a day -- all in the form of those shakes, along with a few non-starchy vegetables.


Researchers claim that seven out of 11 diabetics put onto this plan were "cured" -- and all they had to do was stick to the shakes-and-celery routine for three months.

Three months??? I wouldn't last three days on that -- and neither would most diabetics.

Heck, lack of discipline is why most people have the disease in the first place -- and even if they manage to spend three months starving themselves (and possibly forgetting how to chew food), can you really expect them to stick to a healthy diet afterward?

Most would ultimately revert right back to the same bad habits that caused the disease -- and that's why fads, gimmicks, diet drinks and other short-term tricks simply don't work in the long run.

Fortunately, you don't need an extreme diet to reverse your diabetes -- just a strong commitment to the good life.

Bacon? On the menu. Steak? Have it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Eggs? Crack 'em open as often as you want -- and don't forget the saltshaker.

Just be sure to skip the carbs, especially sugar, and you'll see your belly shrink and your glucose levels normalize in no time at all.