1. Diabetes 'cure' is worse than the disease

    Good news, diabetics: You can be "cured" of your disease -- and all you have to do is starve yourself for four months.

    Sound like fun? Of course it doesn't -- but researchers claim they'll leave you disease-free if you're willing to take leave of your senses and commit to a diet of just 500 calories a day, and not a drop more.

    You'll lose weight, too, but that's a given on just 500 calories a day.

    You might even shrivel up and blow away. Heck, I'm surprised none of the 15 diabetics in the new study dropped dead. But if more people try this one out, it's bound to happen.

    But since 11 of the dieters no longer needed insulin after four months of this starvation diet, the Dutch researchers behind this crazy study have already declared victory over the disease.

    "It is striking to see how a relatively simple intervention of a very low-calorie diet effectively cures Type 2 diabetes," bragged lead researcher Sebastian Hammer.

    Simple??? Is he for real?

    There's nothing simple -- or easy, or even safe -- about a diet that would make Gandhi look like a binge eater. At that level, you don't just lose weight. Your body begins to cannibalize itself to create energy for you to burn.

    Sure, you'll lose weight and maybe even "cure" your diabetes -- but at what cost?

    Luckily, you don't need to starve yourself thin to beat diabetes. In fact, you can live high on the hog and eat all the fresh animal fats you want -- including steak, pork chops and farm-fresh eggs -- if you're willing to give up sugar and get your carb intake as close to zero as possible.

    Stick with it, and eventually you'll be able to ditch your insulin injections just like the dieters in the study -- but without counting a single calorie.

    And that's how you REALLY cure diabetes.

  2. The two-in-one med that's double the trouble

    Diabetics, you know the score: The more pills you take... the sicker you get.

    Well, now Merck wants to "help." They're cutting back on the number of pills -- but don't get too excited: They're not actually reducing the number of drugs.

    The company has taken two very risky meds -- the diabetes drug Januvia and the cholesterol-lowering statin Zocor -- and smashed them together to form a newly approved Frankendrug called Juvisync.

    That's all the risks of two meds... conveniently delivered in one handy pill.

    By itself, Januvia has been linked to almost triple the risk of pancreatic cancer -- the deadly condition that recently killed Steve Jobs.

    Zocor, on the other hand, has been linked to myopathy, which can cause your muscles to melt into your bloodstream -- and when those melted muscles reach your kidneys, the organs can shut down completely. (Read more here.)

    That's a high price to pay for lower cholesterol -- especially since docs are barking up the wrong tree with this cholesterol business in the first place.

    As I've told you before, the real problem isn't high cholesterol -- it's LOW cholesterol, even for diabetics. If you're below 300, you're in the danger zone -- and you need to raise your levels fast, before it's too late.

    That might sound loco if everything you know about cholesterol comes from statin commercials -- if you want to learn more click here.

    But forget choosing one risky med over another. On their own or in combo pills, they could all bring you down the same path: a lifetime of diabetes.

    There actually is one pill that's as close to a diabetes cure as you'll ever find -- and believe it or not, it was actually developed by the drug industry decades ago.

    It's called benfotiamine, a synthetic form of thiamine that's fat-soluble so your body can absorb it five times more efficiently. The result: a diabetes repair kit that can undo years or even decades of disease damage.

    Don't believe me?

    Read this -- and learn the explosive truth that Big Pharma hopes you'll never see.

  3. Diabetes ups dementia risk

    If you thought diabetes was bad before, wait 'til you see what it's been connected to now...Alzheimer's disease. I'm not talking about a small risk, either. Turns out that diabetics have DOUBLE the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
  4. Shake away diabetes?

    I've seen oodles of wack-a-doodle diabetes treatments in my time -- but this one takes the shake. I mean "shake" and not "cake" because that's what you'll get on this daffy new plan: diet shakes, and not much else.
  5. The FDA's hit parade of big "oops" stories

    The FDA has all the usual flaws that go hand-in-hand with any government bureaucracy. The difference is that when the FDA fouls up, people die.

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