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  1. Dangerous new diabetes drugs could send you to the hospital

    Want to know what addiction looks like? Forget smack, crack and dope -- because there’s a habit out there that’s far easier to feed and much harder to break.

    It’s carbs!

    A carb habit leads directly to diabetes. And if you have the disease, carbs will cause it to spiral out of control. Diabetics know it… yet like junkies looking for a quick fix, they’re practically powerless against the call of the carbs.

    So they keep at it. They keep eating what they KNOW is killing them, and then turn to a prescription med in hopes of undoing just enough of the damage to keep themselves alive a little bit longer.

    But let’s get real here, because those drugs can do more damage than the disease itself -- and now, the FDA is warning that a newer class of supposedly “better” drugs for blood sugar control isn’t better at all.

    It’s loads WORSE!

    The SGLT2 inhibitors now sold by nearly every big drug company “work” by causing you to pee out excess blood sugar.

    Sounds so simple and safe, doesn’t it? Sugar goes in one end, and goes out the other -- and you might be tempted to think it’s a consequence-free perfect solution.

    But there are ALWAYS consequences.

    In some people, as the sugar leaks out, ketones can build up in the blood to dangerous levels.

    That’s a medical emergency that requires immediate hospitalization, and the FDA says it’s already received at least 20 reports of hospitalization linked to the drugs.

    Because most drug side effects never get reported to the FDA, the true number is undoubtedly much higher -- and will turn higher still as more carb addicts turn to these newer meds.

    Already the so-called experts are saying maybe it’s time to consider other, safer meds for blood sugar control. They’ve got it half right. There are OTHER meds.

    But are they safer? Don’t bet your life on it.

    Even your drug-loving doc will admit they all come with risks. Then, he’ll make it seem like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, forcing you to choose between bad and worse.

    I’m here with another choice -- a truly safer choice -- because you can slow, stop and even reverse diabetes and reduce or eliminate your meds.

    And all you have to do is break that addiction. Go cold turkey on carbs, bring them down to near zero (no cheating!), and you’ll get your body back on track in no time flat.

  2. Diabetes drugs can cause vision loss and blindness

    Common diabetes meds linked to serious eye problems

    You'd have to be blind to think diabetes drugs couldn't be dangerous -- and if you keep taking them, you could go blind for real, too.

    It's a frightening condition called diabetic macular edema, and as the name implies diabetes is already a built-in risk factor. But according to an urgent new study, you could double or triple your risk by taking a class of meds called thiazolidinediones.

    If that name's not familiar, maybe these names are: Actos and Avandia. They're both thiazolidinediones, and along with increasing the risk on their own the study of 103,368 type 2 diabetics suggests that the risk shoots up even higher when you take the drugs with insulin.

    And if you're diabetic, odds are insulin is never far from your life.

    Diabetic macular edema is when fluid builds up inside the retina, leading to vision loss and even blindness. The only real treatment option is surgery, but it's not all that effective. Even with surgery, many patients never see right again and plenty go blind anyway.

    On the other hand, if you're taking Actos -- or, God help you, if you're somehow still on Avandia -- blurry vision and the very real possibility of blindness are the least of your worries.

    Both drugs can boost your risk of heart attack and an early death. That's what got Avandia pulled from pharmacy shelves, but at least one study has shown that Actos could be every bit as bad.

    In addition, Actos has been linked repeatedly to bladder cancer -- with one recent study finding it can double the risk of the disease if taken for two years.

    You might be diabetic, but you're not insane. Don't face those risks when you don't have to -- and trust me on this, you don't have to. Get your diabetes under control with proper nutrition instead and you can wave goodbye to these drugs and all their risks.

  3. Diabetes drug Actos in new link to bladder cancer

    The latest research confirms the growing evidence that the diabetes drug Actos can dramatically increase your risk of bladder cancer.
  4. Seniors poisoned by common meds

    Take enough meds, and one's bound to hit you the wrong way -- and if it hasn't happened to you, that only means it hasn't happened to you yet.
  5. New rules only apply to new patients

    If you've got one foot in the grave already thanks to Avandia, the feds want to give you a little shove to help finish the job.
  6. Diabetics missing key nutrients

    One of the most common diabetes drugs is a nutritional vampire, sucking a key vitamin right out of the millions unlucky enough to be taking it.

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