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  1. [DISGUSTING!]  Leading diabetes drug outperformed by placebo

    When your doctor writes a prescription, there’s an implicit understanding.  

    You believe the drugs he puts you on are safe and have a good chance of working 

    After all, that’s what clinical trials are for... that’s what the FDA is for... and so on. 

    Everything is supposed to safeguard you against duds – and DANGEROUS medications.  

    Yet the latest science is proving the most commonly prescribed diabetes drug is exactly what you least expect... 

    A DUD that doesn’t work—and is dangerous! 

    Don’t misplace your trust. There’s a tiny berry you can turn to that does everything this failed drug is supposed to do... 

    Metformin’s giant failure 

    Metformin is the most prescribed diabetes drug on the market. Doctors believe it’s the gold standard when it comes to blood sugar control.  

    For mainstream medicine, that might be the case. But if you’ve been reading Health e-Tips for any time at all, you know that’s not true. There are at least A DOZEN better options and I’ll reveal one of my favorites soon.  

    But first and foremost, metformin helps you control your blood sugar levels… “with proper diet and exercise.” Well, that alone should turn your diabetes around.  

    Nevertheless, mainstream medicine believes the drug works. And they also thought since it can make your blood sugar levels drop, it can help you drop pounds as well.  

    The theory is by lowering your blood sugar levels, metformin will lessen your insulin resistance – and you’ll lose weight.  

    But this is one sleeping dog mainstream medicine should have let lie...  

    Researchers tested metformin against a placebo in a 15-year study.  

    And get this...

    During the first 6 years, the placebo won out TWO to ONE!! 

    Those in the placebo group lost at least 5 percent of their body weight. It was only after year 6 that any weight loss benefits were noticed.  

    What’s more, there were FEWER diabetes incidents in people who lost 5 percent of their bodyweight in the first year! 

    In other words, you’re better off not taking metformin and focusing on a healthy lifestyle.  

    Or, you can take THIS and take your benefits a step higher... 

    Grab this tiny, dark blue berry 

    Since metformin is the “gold-standard,” it’s been tested against other promising solutions to diabetes – even this specific type of blueberry. 

    The researchers put metformin to the test against Chinese blueberries. I’ll spoil the results for you. 

    Metformin worked – in the sense that it reduced free radicals and helped a little bit with insulin secretion (as a diabetic, the less insulin you need, the better).  

    Chinese blueberries, meanwhile, outperformed metformin in ALL ASPECTS. And it even lowered triglycerides and improved insulin secretion and effectiveness. 

    The scientists found this is because of the BAE (blueberry anthocyanin extract). Simply put, all these benefits are due to the color of Chinese blueberries 

    Now, you could locate Chinese blueberries at a grocery store and purchase them. But they’re not in season year-round.  

    In this case, my preferred route is a Bilberry supplement as they are much easier to come by. Bilberry has the same anthocyanins as blueberries and has been shown in a separate study to lower blood sugar and decrease insulin resistance.  

  2. Diabetes drug for weight loss is a ride on the Vomit Comet

    Big Pharma weight-loss plan will make you puke

    You're pedaling away on that exercise bike like a 12-year-old with the world's longest paper route. You've logged so many hours on the rowing machine that you ought to be a Navy captain by now.

    Remember the good ol' days when all you'd find at the health club was a set of barbells and a couple of medicine balls? Today's gyms look like a tacky amusement park with just about every mechanical contraption you could imagine -- and folks like you are shelling out hundreds a month in admission, just so you can fit into your old blue jeans again.

    Now it looks like Big Pharma wants in on the fad. They're adding a hot new ride to the weight loss theme park, and it's coming soon to a doctor's office near you.

    It's called the Vomit Comet -- and the price of admission is just one tiny injection (and a couple of harrowing potential side effects).

    A new British study is recommending the nauseating diabetes drug liraglutide (you probably know it as Victoza) for folks like you who are looking to win the war on flab. They've even got a hot new study claiming that if you take TWICE as much Victoza as we hand out to diabetics, you could be emptying those annoying saddle bags in no time.

    Well, these mainstream monkeys would probably come out in favor of bulimia, too, if they could figure out a way to charge you for it. Because some people starting on Victoza injections quickly find out that they might as well just stick their fingers down their throats.

    Trust me, there are plenty of diabetes patients out there who'd love to tell you about the wonders of Victoza -- if they could ever get out of the bathroom. The drug has been linked to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea – not to mention headaches and agonizing sore throats.

    How's that for a sales pitch, my friend? You could be pooping and puking your way to a hot new beach body. And even if you develop an interest in food, good luck swallowing it.

    And for all the misery Victoza is unleashing around the world, guess how much weight you're going to lose? Fifty pounds? A hundred?

    Try a couple pounds a month. It's not exactly giving Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons a run for their money, is it?

    For all the talk about complicated science and clinical trials that go into drug development, there are only two questions any Big Pharma research-and-development team ever REALLY asks.

    1. How do we sell this drug to people who need it?
    2. How do we sell this drug to people who don't?

    And it looks like the folks marketing Victoza have moved on to Phase 2. So if you're relying on this vomit in a vial to shrink that spare tire, let me give you some unvarnished truth you'll never hear the mainstream admit.

    Fat chance.

  3. Weight loss can boost testosterone levels

    It's the easiest way yet to boost your testosterone: lose weight. A new study finds men can increase their levels of this hormone by dropping the extra pounds.
  4. It wasn't the fat that did Paula in

    Anyone surprised by the news that Paula Deen has diabetes hasn't been paying attention. Her books and TV shows are like "how to" guides for getting the disease -- and now that you've bought those books, watched her show, subscribed to her magazine, eaten her food, and gotten just as fat and sick as her, she wants you to buy one more thing: meds.
  5. Actos maker sued over cancer link

    Actos was supposed to be the "safer" alternative to Avandia, the diabetes drug that boosted heart risk so much that it was ultimately pulled from pharmacies. In reality, Actos might actually be just as bad for your heart. And even if you manage to survive that risk, you could find yourself in a life-or-death battle with bladder cancer.
  6. The two-in-one med that's double the trouble

    Diabetics, you know the score: The more pills you take... the sicker you get. Well, now Merck wants to "help." They're cutting back on the number of pills -- but don't get too excited: They're not actually reducing the number of drugs.
  7. Mommy issues

    But in a twisted experiment that never should have made it past an ethics committee, researchers pumped 8-year-old girls full of the diabetes drug metformin for four years to see how it would affect their fertility later on.
  8. Feds halt Avandia trial

    The feds scored a few cheap points when they ordered the suspension of a new trial on the dangerous diabetes drug Avandia.
  9. New study on bad med under way

    The diabetes drug Avandia doesn't need more study -- it needs to be taken out back and shot, like a disloyal thug in a crime family.

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