Get a shot... or get lost

It's happening again.

Across the country, people are being FIRED for simply having the nerve to question mainstream medical dogma. The latest: A pregnant woman in Pennsylvania lost her job as a nurse for refusing to get a flu shot.

It doesn't matter that the woman has had three miscarriages and wants to take no chances. It doesn't matter that the woman's own doctor and obstetrician both support her decision. It doesn't even matter that the woman offered to do all her work in a mask and gown.

No shot, no job -- so right now, she's looking for work.

Of course, she has every right to refuse the shot. It hasn't been proven safe for pregnant women, and it hasn't been proven safe for fetuses. This is not just my opinion; each shot carries a warning saying just that.

You can read the actual warnings for yourself right here.

But really, this shouldn't even matter -- because even if she wasn't pregnant, she should be allowed to refuse the shot for any reason at all.

It's her right. It's YOUR right -- yet across the country, people are being fired for exercising that right and refusing flu shots.

If your job is on the line, it's time to fight back, and I've got just the weapon: political correctness.

Yes, here's your chance to finally take PC nonsense and shove it back at the mainstream -- because while companies can fire you for refusing flu shots for health reasons, they can't fire you for refusing it for religious or cultural reasons.

Tell 'em your faith forbids it (because you have no faith in Big Pharma, right?), and they can't touch you.