New hazard of metals contamination

I don't have a single good word to say about mercury. We don't even need it for thermometers anymore.

And now, new research finds yet another way this toxic heavy metal can poison you: A little exposure now can give you diabetes later.

The study of close to 3,900 young adults tracked for nearly two decades finds that higher levels of mercury exposure boosts the risk of diabetes later on by 65 percent.

Since most people don't need much help getting diabetes in the first place, any increase in risk is bad enough. The fact that it comes from mercury is even worse -- because the "high" levels in this study aren't the extreme levels considered to be mercury poisoning by the mainstream.

They're the elevated levels that millions of people are living with right now, and most of them don't even know it -- because while mercury is more abundant than Kardashians, absolutely no one is talking about it.

You'll find it in seafood, in "environmentally friendly" light bulbs, in your fillings, and more.

(Believe it or not, mercury isn't the only danger those so-called environmentally friendly bulbs pose. I revealed the skin-frying truth to Daily Dose readers last year. If you missed that important warning, click here to catch up.)

There's even mercury in your tap water, which is one reason why you need a reverse osmosis filter in your home.

And diabetes is only one of the risks caused by all that exposure. Heck, diabetes is practically a vacation next to some of the other conditions mercury can cause or mimic, including dementia, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, and more.

Mercury exposure is even a leading cause of the debilitating "mystery disease" that's puzzling doctors from coast to coast.

But it's no mystery to me -- and it's no mystery to readers of the Douglass Report, either, because the toll of mercury exposure is front and center in the April 2013 issue.

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