3-D mammograms are all risk, no benefit

Cancer-causing radiation blasted right at a woman's boobs. Sure, if you want to call that an "advance" in mammograms go right ahead. And I'll call you delusional when you do.

I'm talking about the "3-D mammogram," and it takes the bad idea behind mammograms and makes it worse by delivering DOUBLE the radiation because the women STILL have to also undergo the standard mammogram.

That means it's twice as dangerous... and twice as likely to actually CAUSE the very cancer it's supposed to detect. But it's not twice as good. There isn't even any data to prove it saves more lives or detects more cancers.

All it can claim is a barely noticeable 7 percent improvement in "accuracy."

Big whoop!

But docs say it's not about that little bump in accuracy -- it's about eliminating uncertainty for the 10 percent of women who are called back for a second mammogram and a second blast of radiation anyway when the results of the first one are unclear.

Can you believe that logic??? Give EVERYONE double the radiation because of the 10 percent who might get it anyway.

What utter hogwash. But the docs pushing 3-D mammograms don't give a hoot about the 7 percent, the 10 percent, the 3, or the D. The only number they care about is 50 -- as in 50 bucks.

That's how much extra they make off each 3-D mammogram -- 50 bucks a pop. And since the 3-D part of the procedure isn't covered by most insurance policies, that money doesn't go through the middleman.

It's pure profit that goes right into your doctor's bank account. That's why he doesn't just like this procedure... he LOVES it.

But the fact is, women don't need mammograms in two dimensions, three dimensions, or the Fifth Dimension of the Twilight Zone. Years of breast cancer screenings have led to a massive increase in the number of cancers treated with poisonous drugs and disfiguring surgeries -- not to mention cancers potentially caused by radiation from mammograms -- but they've barely made a dent in the survival rate.

And that's the only number that REALLY counts.

Follow the common sense path to staying cancer-free instead. Eat right with plenty of healthy organic meats and nutrient-packed raw milk. And don't forget your immune-boosting vitamins including calcium and vitamin D which, according to one study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, can dramatically drop cancer risks for women.