Sleep apnea masks can treat erection problems

Gents, if you're overweight and battling both sleep apnea AND erection problems, you already know you should lose the weight.

But where's the fun in that, right?

Luckily, researchers have come up with a solution that'll let you hit the buffet line as hard and often as you want, sleep better at night, AND get your erections back at the same time.

But you'd better hope your wife is aroused by cyborgs and has a thing for heavy breathing -- because the "solution" is CPAP. That's short for continuous positive airway pressure, and it's a breathing mask used to treat apnea that looks like something fighter pilots wear and sounds a lot like Darth Vader.

Now THAT'S fun!

In a new study, 41 percent of overweight men who suffered from both sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction saw improvements in both when wearing the CPAP mask.

They also reported "morning wood" for the first time in ages, and even many of the men in the study who had apnea without erection problems reported better sex lives.

Hey, if that's what you're into -- and more importantly, if that's what the wife is into -- who am I to judge? But if you're just looking for a lift in the bedroom, this sounds a little extreme to me.

Most cases of sleep apnea in men and women alike are linked to obesity, and obesity also causes sexual dysfunction. Lose that weight, and you'll sleep better, breath better, and perform better in the bedroom, no mask necessary.

If your erection problems aren't linked to obesity, on the other hand, the problem is even easier to resolve -- especially if, like the men in this study, you're in middle age or beyond.

In that case, I'm willing to bet the answer is testosterone.

Your levels of manly hormones fall naturally as you get older, and they plunge after middle age. Restore those hormone levels, and you'll restore your sex life.

And for men and women alike, there's one mineral that can really help light a fire in your bedroom. Want to know more? Of course you do. Keep reading!