1. Study finds doctor's stethoscopes are filthy

    Is your doc wearing a toilet seat around his neck?

    He'll tell you to wash your hands while reciting the A,B,C's. He wants you to sneeze into your elbow, not your hands. He's practically got you running around town in a radiation suit and a surgical mask swiping every surface you touch with a disinfecting wipe.

    Your doc has a million and one suggestions to keep you safe from the germs that surround us. Too bad he doesn't follow his own advice.

    Because at the start of every appointment, before he takes your blood pressure or shines that light in your ears, your doctor may be rubbing fecal matter, MRSA, and every other dangerous bacteria known to mankind all over your back and chest.

    And he's been doing it for years!

    A new Swiss study found that your doc's trusty stethoscope is likely to be filthier than a hobo's shoes! Turns out after he examines that sweating, morbidly obese guy with the oozing sores in the next room, he may not even bother disinfecting his stethoscope before he plops it down on your flesh.

    In fact, researchers found that most stethoscopes were carrying more dangerous germs than doctors' hands! It's no wonder you have trouble taking deep breaths once that filth factory is pressed against your skin.

    The next time you're getting a check-up, make sure you give your doc a taste of his own medicine. Before he presses that cold stethoscope to your skin, give him a warm dose of reality -- suggest he grab a disinfecting wipe and clean it up.

  2. The double standard on food safety

    When raw milk is even suspected of containing bacteria -- even when no one has been sickened -- the feds trumpet it as proof positive that all fresh dairy everywhere is dangerous.

    It's pure nonsense, as I just told you.

    The government's own numbers show you're far more likely to get ill from eating foods like spinach and meat than raw milk -- but when those foods are found crawling with bacterial filth, you don't hear boo from health officials.

    They're too busy covering it up!

    In late December, for example, the feds quietly recalled 228,360 pounds of spinach contaminated with potentially deadly E.coli O157:H7 with NO PUBLIC NOTICE at all.

    They didn't mention it for more than a month -- and when they finally did, it was in a fine-print notice hidden deep inside a long list of federal announcements.

    Shocking? Not at all -- this kind of thing happens all the time. But that's not the only way the feds protect big food processors.

    Just a couple of months ago, 68 people were sickened and at least 20 were hospitalized after a bacterial outbreak in 10 states linked to a salmonella outbreak at Taco Bell.

    But the CDC refused to name Taco Bell in its report. It was only listed as "restaurant A."

    The feds did everything they could to protect Taco Bell despite the fact that the company is a serial offender, linked to at least three outbreaks in the past six years.

    On the other hand, my outrage on this one only goes so far. If you eat at Taco Bell, you're pretty much asking for it in the first place.

    The contaminated produce is another story, because unless you have your own farm, you have to rely on the supermarket to feed your family. To keep yourself protected from this kind of contamination, I suggest soaking all fruits and vegetables in 3 percent hydrogen peroxide for at least 20 minutes and then rinsing with water.

    Don't worry -- you won't taste it a bit.

  3. FDA detains all dairy-based imports from China

    Believe it or not, the FDA has finally issued an alert that will detain all Chinese products containing milk at the border, not allowing them to enter the country and go to market until they can be tested for traces of the toxic chemical melamine.
  4. China gets another pass as FDA bans Indian drugs

    The FDA banned imports of more than 30 generic drugs produced by Ranbaxy Laboratories, Ltd., India's biggest pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  5. CDC plays down salmonella scare

    A large number of national chain restaurants and grocery stores have indefinitely pulled three types of raw tomatoes from menus and shelves while the FDA is on the hunt for the source of the contamination.
  6. Regulators discover contaminated children's vaccines

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    According to a published report, federal regulators spotted contaminated children's vaccines and other serious concerns when they inspected a Merck vaccine plant outside of Philadelphia.

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