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  1. U.S. water flunks contamination tests

    U.S. tap water overflowing with chemicals

    Forget skydiving, rock climbing and knife tossing -- if you like risk, just turn on your tap, fill your glass and drink up.

    Your drinking water is loaded with so many dangerous chemicals that you'd have to be reckless, foolish or just plain suicidal to drink it. And now, a new government survey finds at least 21 dangerous chemicals in the water in at least a third of the nation.

    The tests found an antidepressant, pesticide, herbicide, two different solvents, a toxic bone-rotting metal and 11 types of perfluorinated compounds -- including the PFOS and PFOA proven to cause thyroid disease, cancer, ulcerative colitis and more, specifically when ingested in the amounts found in drinking water.

    Yet of all the chemicals found in those samples, only three are governed by U.S. drinking water standards. The rest -- including those perfluorinated compounds -- could be in your water in any amount right now, and your water would be considered "safe."

    Ready for the most stunning part? These toxins weren't found in untreated well water from a shantytown outside a chemical waste plant. They were found in treated water -- water most people assume is clean and safe.

    Well, you know what happens when you assume, right?

    Believe it or not, this new study barely breaks the surface -- because hundreds of other dangerous chemicals are routinely found in U.S. tap water, including rocket fuel, gender-bending hormones, cocaine, antibiotics and more (and don't even get me started on the junk dumped in ON PURPOSE, including chlorine and fluoride).

    It's enough to make you want to give up water. Believe it or not, you can do it -- I haven't had a sip in years, and I haven't dried up yet.

    For a less radical solution, invest in a reverse osmosis water filter, the only filtration system that will remove all the drugs, chemicals, hormones and more. You can pick one up in a hardware store for a few hundred bucks -- and if you're handy, you can install it yourself.

    Just be sure to place the filter where the water enters your home so that every faucet is protected.

    I'm not done with water yet. Keep reading!

  2. Common food laced with dangerous toxins

    Every time I think soy can't possibly get any worse, a new study proves me wrong. The latest research shows just how much this dangerous non-food sucks -- literally.

    Researchers have found that soy plants can actually slurp toxic chemicals right out of the groundwater and then store them inside the soybeans.

    That's right -- hexane may not be the worst thing in your veggie burger after all! (Click here to read more about this dangerous chemical found in soy.)

    Researchers from the University of Toledo in Ohio grew two sets of soy crops: One in soil tainted with common pharmaceuticals, and a second irrigated with water contaminated with three drugs (carbamazepine, diphenhydramine, and fluoxetine) along with the two widely used antimicrobial compounds that I've been warning you about: triclosan and triclocarban.

    Don't think for a moment that the study in Environmental Science & Technology was some overblown lab simulation, because U.S. waters are overflowing with this junk and so much more. Studies have consistently found antibiotics, sex-change hormones and rocket fuel in our water, just to name a few.

    In other words, the "contaminated" water in this lab experiment was probably much CLEANER than what's actually used to irrigate the soy fields!

    The researchers found that the tainted water had a much greater impact on soy plants than drug-laced dirt. In fact, once the crops matured, the researchers found triclosan and triclocarban inside the soybeans themselves.

    That's right -- those are the same beans that are found in everything from common packaged foods to cattle feed. And if the cows are eating it, so are you if you eat their beef and drink their milk.

    The study also found both antimicrobials and carbamazepine in root tissues, stems and leaves -- something to remember next time you hear a veg-head push soy leaves as the next big green for your salad.

    But of course, even "clean" soy raised in perfect conditions will give your body a massive estrogen kick -- and that's why all that soy in the food chain is directly responsible for much of our overall poor health (and for the early puberty in girls that I told you about on Wednesday).

    If you want to keep your family safe, keep soy off the plate and install a reverse-osmosis water filter on your home.

  3. Marine families suffer from tainted water

    It looks as if contaminated water was the cause of cancer and birth defects in the children of Marines based at Camp Lejeune, NC.
  4. Researchers warn of third world diseases in the U.S.

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    Schistosomiasis is caused by flatworms that live in snail-infested fresh water; this water is contaminated by worm eggs when infected people urinate or defecate into it.

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