Clostridium difficile

  1. Antibiotics tied to 71% of deadly C. diff infections

    Pushy parents, meet gutless docs

    Know what mainstream doctors and skeletons have in common? You're not likely to find guts in either.

    Sure, I'm familiar with the old saying that the customer is always right -- but sometimes you should tell the customer to shut the heck up. Especially when that customer is a pushy parent trying to convince you to prescribe antibiotics their kid doesn't need.

    And a new study shows that while pediatricians are being bullied into handing out antibiotics like candy, millions of tykes are being left with the tummy ache of a lifetime.

    Researchers studied kids between the ages of 1 and 17 who developed bowel-busting Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections that can cause everything from diarrhea to death. And an astounding 71% of these infections occurred after the kids took antibiotics prescribed by their docs.

    This isn't just idiocy, friend, it is idiocy squared. It's bad enough that antibiotics wear down your kid's ability to fight C. diff infections -- but about HALF the time, according to our government's own estimates, kids are being prescribed antibiotics they don't even need!

    And more often than not, it's a case of the squeaky wheel... or rather parent... getting the grease. I can't tell you how many times parents bully their doctors into prescribing antibiotic "wonder drugs," all because the docs lack the backbone to say no.

    Listen up, moms and dads -- there's a reason you pay your doctor and he doesn't pay you. Ask questions... make sure you're comfortable with his plan to treat your kid... but don't push him into prescribing dangerous drugs that he thinks are a bad idea.

    Because when it comes to antibiotics, you need to be awfully careful what you wish for.

    Bringing a germ of truth to the antibiotics debate,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  2. Diarrhea spores found on doctors' hands

    Dirty docs spread deadly germs

    Healing hands? More like filthy paws -- because doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers aren't just as dirty as everyone else.

    Some of them are dirtier.

    They're walking around with disease-causing germs all over their mitts -- and new research finds that a quarter of them have some of the nastiest bugs of all on their hands: diarrhea spores.

    Yes, the phrase alone is enough to make you want to wear rubber gloves before you shake your doctor's hand. But this gets worse, because these aren't any old diarrhea spores.

    No, they're walking around with hands full of Clostridium difficile, a powerful superbug transmitted through feces that'll cause the worst case of diarrhea you've ever had.

    It's so bad you could literally poop to death.

    In the new study, the spores were found on the hands of 23 percent of doctors, 19 percent of nurses and 42 percent of nursing assistants.

    This study was done on hospitals in Europe, but you can bet the numbers would be just as bad -- maybe worse -- over here, where studies have found that an alarming number of doctors and nurses don't wash their hands enough (or even after using the toilet).

    This isn't just disgusting. It's deadly, because C. diff sickens more than 250,000 Americans per year and kills up to 30,000 of them (and in just about the worst way imaginable).

    And most of the victims pick up the infection in the hospital ... from dirty doctors, dirty nurses and dirty equipment.

    If you happen to be in a hospital or care facility yourself, don't let anyone touch you -- don't even let them near you -- unless they wash up first.

    There's a sink in the room, feel free to point them over to it.

    And while you're in the joint, you might want to brown bag it -- because C. diff isn't just on hands. It's also in the food. Read this for more... if you can stomach it.

  3. The one probiotic to take when you're on an antibiotic

    When you're taking an antibiotic, you need to take a probiotic with it -- but not just any old blend. You need the right stuff for the job.
  4. When two-for-one is a bad deal

    Pills and more pills. First you've got the pills you're supposed to take, and then you've got the pills you've got to take to deal with the side effects from the first ones.
  5. The killer that came from nowhere

    A few years ago, no one had even heard of Clostridium difficile. Today, this nasty gut bacteria is the Hannibal Lecter of hospitals and nursing homes, wiping out seniors with ruthless efficiency.
  6. The common med that's destroying you from the inside

    The proton pump inhibitors taken by millions to lower stomach acid levels work so well they actually create the perfect breeding grounds for a bacteria called Clostridium difficile.
  7. The right way to flush

    Turns out the ladies had this one right all along -- you should put the toilet seat and lid down, and do it BEFORE you flush. Flushing with the lid up can send a nearly invisible cloud of bacteria-laced potty water out of the toilet and across the room, turning your bathroom into a giant petri dish.
  8. Shocking superbug solution

    Let me start off with the most disgusting question I've ever asked: Would you eat someone else's poop? Of course you wouldn't... but what if it would save your life?
  9. Heartburn meds linked to more pain & suffering

    I've been saying for years that people taking heartburn drugs don't really need them... and now the mainstream is finally ready to agree with me.

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