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  1. Study finds no logic in FDA drug approvals

    The FDA is playing BINGO with your life

    I may have more salt than pepper in my hair these days, but if you're ever thinking of hauling me to some bingo parlor, you'd better bring a gun and some rope.

    What am I missing here? Who wants to spend an evening huddled around a cheap card table while some geezer in a bolo tie calls out numbers? It's totally random. There's no skill involved.

    The truth is I don't really mind some senior center playing bingo with your pennies, but I sure as heck mind corrupt government crooks playing it with your health. But that's exactly what they're doing, according to a shocking new study out of Yale.

    These Ivy League researchers looked at seven years of FDA decisions on some of the same drugs you may have sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. And with all the sophisticated technology and methods of analysis these scientists had at their disposal, it's what they DIDN'T find that left them flabbergasted.

    Logic. Researchers couldn't discover any consistent logic whatsoever around how drug companies used studies to gain FDA approval.

    About half the drug studies analyzed used a placebo. Half didn't. Some drugs were tested on hundreds of patients over several trials -- others were tested on just a handful, over one trial. Like an ugly guy in a bar, the FDA was willing -- time and again -- to throw standards right out the window.

    And while these Ivy League researchers couldn't discover rhyme or reason behind FDA decisions, maybe they should have stopped following the science and started following the money. Because if you agree FDA approval isn't about clinical trials... if you believe it's more about which drug companies can afford to bully and bribe our government officials and politicians, I have one word to say to you.


  2. Bad medicine for America begins overseas

    We all love to save a buck or two, but you and I are paying the price for Big Pharma's latest obsessive cost-cutting measures.

    Every year, a more and more clinical trials are conducted overseas, with nearly a third of them now taking place outside of the United States and Western Europe.

    Many of these shady experiments are conducted in Third World countries, where patients are tricked, cajoled and forced into participating in studies that they don't fully understand. A new report in the American Medical News is a real eye-opener if you're unfamiliar with these devious deals.

    Even that fine piece of reporting only tells part of the story. While the authors of this study were rightly concerned about the impact these tests have on those poor human lab rats overseas, I'm even more worried about what this alarming trend means for you and your family.

    The FDA is already a largely ineffective body, barely able to keep tabs on the research going on here inside our borders. When it comes to these outsourced trials, they may as well throw up their hands and quit.

    There are literally thousands of sites in India where clinical trials have been held. Thousands. And a report late last year in Florida's St. Petersburg Times found that the FDA had managed to visit eight of them over three years.

    I wonder why they even bothered at all.

    And if that doesn't scare the bejeezus out of you, maybe this will: Last year, a Times reporter visited one of the filthy hospitals in India where clinical trials are regularly conducted. She found feces on the floor, signs warning of bribery and a staff that simply couldn't keep up with the 4 million desperate patients they see every year.

    And somehow, we're supposed to believe that doctors in that hospital can run a safe and effective clinical trial with no funny business.

    One of those trials at that very hospital ended with 49 dead children.

    Do you want to take meds that came out of that system?

    Me neither.

  3. Mattel gets free pass on independent lead tests

    Mattel, the chief offender in the Chinese lead-toy scandal, is actually being allowed to skip the new safety measures that were put into place because of that scandal.
  4. Bogus study claims Gardasil is safe

    There's so many conflicting reports floating around about Gardasil that it can be tough for parents to know what to believe. And a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association only clouds the issue even further.
  5. Country forces experimental vaccine on population

    Regulators at the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in the UK are about to distribute a new swine flu vaccine that's had a whopping FIVE DAYS of testing.
  6. Clinical Trials Don't Always Prove that Drugs are Safe and Effective

    Anyone who buys into the mainstream's belief that the process by which drugs are tested on humans (called clinical trials, among other things) is effective and always safe is suffering from a severe bout of either amnesia, naiveté, or both.
  7. Under rug swept

    The FDA is also protecting the drug biz from having to report the results of thousands of their medical studies!

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