1. Treat diabetes by burning your kidneys?

    Don't get burned by this wacky diabetes treatment

    It's delivered in painful injections that leave you covered in bruises like a battered boxer. It can trigger noggin-splitting headaches and have you packing on pounds like an overfed elephant.

    But, believe me, those are the least of insulin's problems. As far as Big Pharma is concerned, insulin has committed a crime so terrible that it's about to get banished to the dustbin of medical history forever.

    It got cheap.

    With diabetes cases in America piling up faster than the high score on a broken pinball machine, mainstream medicine would rather fall on its sword than let you keep controlling your blood sugar for pennies a day. So they've been flooding the market with new diabetes medications that have been linked to everything from organ failure to thyroid cancer.

    But it looks like these fat cats have finally found their Holy Grail -- a dangerous, surgical procedure that will treat your diabetes by practically taking a car battery to your organs.

    Australian researchers are launching a study aimed at controlling diabetes by using a red-hot, electrified wire to burn nerves in your kidneys. They'll insert this flaming death ray by knocking you out cold and forcing a catheter through an artery in your groin.

    And if you're waiting for the good news, let me save you some time -- there isn't any.

    They say this new "miracle" treatment will help your body control sugar, but it doesn't stop there. The surgery actually destroys part of your nervous system responsible for controlling your organs.

    If this treatment isn't uglier than homemade sin, I don't know what is. But torching your kidneys is going to cost you a heck of a lot more than visiting the confessional and dropping a $20 in the collection plate next Sunday -- you'll be plunking down THOUSANDS.

    The mainstream wants to leave you with a Sophie's Choice that no diabetic should have to make -- you can trade agonizing injections for a horrific surgery that would have made Dr. Frankenstein squeamish.

    But there's another option out there, and I've seen it help countless patients beat diabetes and ditch their insulin for good. All it takes is a diet high in protein that practically eliminates deadly added sugars and carbs for good.

    Even if you're ready to start small, natural cures like almonds, cinnamon and chromium are all proven to help you get your blood sugar under control.

    When folks like you start walking away in droves, maybe the mainstream will finally get the message. We don't have thousands of dollars -- or two healthy kidneys -- to burn.

  2. The mineral you're missing

    Chromium for diabetes control

    I'm afraid to turn on the TV at this point -- every time I do, the news out of Japan keeps getting worse: earthquakes, tsunami, and now the specter of a nuclear holocaust.

    And you can bet that last one is far worse than the government there is letting on.

    My thoughts, hopes, prayers, and aid donations are with everyone there. I'll have more on this tragedy -- and how you can prepare for one of your own -- this weekend.

    But for now, I've got some important news for people facing diabetes.

    Scientists have known for decades that a single mineral can deliver the knockout punch to raging blood-sugar levels.

    So when's your doctor going to catch on?

    The mineral is chromium, and you don't need a lot of it. But if you're diabetic or pre-diabetic, you're almost certainly badly deficient in it nonetheless.

    No-brainer, right? Let's go get some chromium!

    Well, not so fast... because the American Diabetes Association refuses to admit that diabetics need chromium.

    And since your doc is probably taking advice from the all-powerful ADA, he'll just parrot that party line.

    But here's the dirty little secret about our "friends" at the ADA: In addition to pushing a badly flawed high-carb diet that dooms diabetics to misery and failure, this organization has been taking in millions of dollars from Big Pharma.

    So when the ADA speaks... guess who's really doing the talking.

    Those drug companies don't want you to get well -- they want you to take their meds for the rest of your life.

    So naturally, they don't want you to know about chromium -- and here's the research they hope you'll never see:

    One analysis from a couple of years back looked at 15 studies on chromium, and found that 13 of them showed a significant improvement in blood sugar control.

    The four studies in the analysis that measured fasting insulin levels found improvements of 30 percent, and six of the 10 studies that measured fasting glucose levels found improvements of 15 percent.

    And every single one of those 15 studies found at least some benefit with no side effects.

    No side effects -- no wonder the drug-lovin' ADA is trying to keep this a secret!

    And that's not all this mineral can do for you.

    Chromium has also been shown to help diabetics and nondiabetics alike to lose weight, boost levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol and protect the heart.

    Now's the time to check the label of the supplement you've been relying on to help control your blood sugar levels -- and if chromium isn't on the ingredients list, chuck it.

    Then find one that has what you REALLY need.

  3. A remarkable mineral's power over glucose

    But while Big Pharma spends billions on dangerous drugs with limited benefits, lifestyle changes and a few key nutrients can often bring your blood sugar back from the brink -- and you can start with chromium.

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