1. Big Food washing chicken with deadly chemicals

    A deadly game of chicken

    Your skin is slowly roasting like a pig over a barbecue spit. Each breath shoots a stinging, burning sensation from your nostrils, straight to your lungs.

    You're not on fire, but this is closer than any human should ever feel. And, no, you're not in hell -- just America's new, twisted version of it.

    And if that doesn't sound like a life you'd sign up for, well, neither did Sherry Medina of Alabama. But the former inspector at a massive chicken processing plant is living in her own private, pill-popping purgatory thanks to a toxic chemical Big Food is dumping all over your dinner.

    Medina and her fellow workers are coming forward and warning that Big Food has begun coating processed chicken in a toxic, sickening antimicrobial agent that is burning the skin and lungs of everyone who comes into contact with it. The "wash," which can contain everything from high-concentration chlorine to heavy acids, is dumped on your chicken right before its shipped off to your supermarket shelves.

    When mom told you to wash your chicken, she wasn't kidding.

    Chicken processing plants are leaving their workers with asthma, burning skin, and tissue damage, all in a desperate bid to make their product a little less filthy and disease-infested before it's sold to you.

    If you've ever seen a chicken processing line in action, you probably thought you were watching the poultry version of the Indianapolis 500. These cluckers are moved along so quickly, there's hardly enough time to kill them properly -- let alone ensure they've been properly decontaminated.

    Superman can't work that fast -- and, trust me, the average Joe pulling down $8 an hour on a chicken processing line ain't Superman. It's no wonder we can't seem to go a month without a salmonella outbreak in America.

    America's dirtbag chicken processors are going to keep making chicken this way as long as you keep buying it. Switch to local, free-range chicken, and Big Food will get the message loud and clear -- it's time to clean up their act.

    Watching Big Food's chickens come home to roost,

  2. U.S. water flunks contamination tests

    U.S. tap water overflowing with chemicals

    Forget skydiving, rock climbing and knife tossing -- if you like risk, just turn on your tap, fill your glass and drink up.

    Your drinking water is loaded with so many dangerous chemicals that you'd have to be reckless, foolish or just plain suicidal to drink it. And now, a new government survey finds at least 21 dangerous chemicals in the water in at least a third of the nation.

    The tests found an antidepressant, pesticide, herbicide, two different solvents, a toxic bone-rotting metal and 11 types of perfluorinated compounds -- including the PFOS and PFOA proven to cause thyroid disease, cancer, ulcerative colitis and more, specifically when ingested in the amounts found in drinking water.

    Yet of all the chemicals found in those samples, only three are governed by U.S. drinking water standards. The rest -- including those perfluorinated compounds -- could be in your water in any amount right now, and your water would be considered "safe."

    Ready for the most stunning part? These toxins weren't found in untreated well water from a shantytown outside a chemical waste plant. They were found in treated water -- water most people assume is clean and safe.

    Well, you know what happens when you assume, right?

    Believe it or not, this new study barely breaks the surface -- because hundreds of other dangerous chemicals are routinely found in U.S. tap water, including rocket fuel, gender-bending hormones, cocaine, antibiotics and more (and don't even get me started on the junk dumped in ON PURPOSE, including chlorine and fluoride).

    It's enough to make you want to give up water. Believe it or not, you can do it -- I haven't had a sip in years, and I haven't dried up yet.

    For a less radical solution, invest in a reverse osmosis water filter, the only filtration system that will remove all the drugs, chemicals, hormones and more. You can pick one up in a hardware store for a few hundred bucks -- and if you're handy, you can install it yourself.

    Just be sure to place the filter where the water enters your home so that every faucet is protected.

    I'm not done with water yet. Keep reading!

  3. Chemicals in your water increase the risk of reactions to food

    Why do so many people have food allergies? It may not be what we eat -- it could be what we drink. A new study links chemicals in tap water to the condition.
  4. Your tap water could kill you

    A brain-eating amoeba turning up in US tap water is responsible for at least two deaths in Louisiana.
  5. Tap water raises this risk by 500%

    The most dangerous chemicals in your house aren't in your garage or basement -- they're flowing freely right from your kitchen sink.
  6. Dangers in Public Drinking Water

    Fluoride's not the only poison Americans are ingesting in the vast majority of the country's public water systems - not by a long shot. Chlorine is another major toxin that the bureaucrats are pumping into our water in the name of our health.

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