1. Little kids given gender-bending treatments

    If your 8-year-old child suddenly announces he wants to be a U.S. Marine, would you hand him a rifle and put him on the next flight to Kabul?

    Of course not!

    Yet parents of kids going through some classic gender confusion are doing just that. Instead of shrugging, rolling their eyes, and letting it pass -- and it WILL pass -- they're not only encouraging it... they're letting the kid dress and live as the opposite gender.

    Some of them are even giving their kids puberty-blocking drugs and SEX CHANGE OPERATIONS!

    It's so nuts, I don't know what's worse here: the child abuse from the parents or the medical malpractice by the doctors who allow this.

    One of these quacks wrote in Pediatrics that kids who believe they were born the wrong sex should be allowed to transform into whatever they want.

    He claims these kids actually have brain differences that make them more like members of the opposite sex on the inside. But if they're so naturally in tune with the other gender, why does he also recommend $1,000 a month in puberty-blocking drugs once they reach that age?

    Sounds very UN-natural to me -- but highly profitable for him.

    The drugs stop the sexual development of these kids so they can more easily live as the opposite gender. They also help make sex-change surgery easier when the kid turns turn 18.

    But how about this: DON'T give the kids $1,000 a month in drugs. Let puberty do its job instead -- because there's nothing like a surge of NATURAL hormones to point a confused kid in the right direction.

  2. The death of playtime

    Bumps, bruises and even a scar or two are all normal parts of childhood -- but everyone is so afraid to see a kid get hurt these days that no one's giving them a chance to get injured anymore.

    And this lack of injury is actually hurting them.

    Here's the problem: The relentless quest to create "safe" play areas for little kids has resulted in bland and dull playgrounds that bore even the littlest kids to tears.

    Now, daycare providers are telling researchers that toddlers and little kids simply won't play on them -- or they try to use the "safe" equipment in new and dangerous ways to spice things ups.

    Is anyone really surprised? Kids want a challenge. Kids want danger.

    And I say let 'em have it.

    Playtime is a key part of a child's development. Without it, you get fat, uncoordinated, listless kids -- and without it, kids never learn the Unwritten Laws of the Playground they'll need to get through life (those same laws govern every classroom and office in the country).

    All that play is even essential to brain development -- with one new analysis finding that the most active kids get better grades.

    No kidding... but don't get carried away with this. No one needs to join the football team to get those brain-boosting benefits. The jocks are rarely the smartest kids in class anyway.

    All kids really need is a push out the door and a chance to do what kids have always done until videogames and bedroom TVs came along: get outside and play.

    Even if it's a little dangerous.

  3. Readin’, writin’ and Statins

    Cholesterol meds for children! It just doesn't get any nuttier than that -- but new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics call on docs to give kids statins... starting in the FOURTH GRADE!
  4. OUTRAGE: Feds to test anthrax shot on kids

    It's the biggest medical scandal in U.S. history... and it hasn't even happened yet! The feds are getting ready to pump children and possibly babies full of the anthrax vaccine -- despite the fact that this same vaccine has already been linked to nerve damage, autoimmune disorders and even DEATH in adults.
  5. The great potato war of 2011

    It's worse than a food fight in a junior high cafeteria: Politicians and bureaucrats are arguing over how many potatoes children should eat.
  6. Dopey docs push stimulants on preschoolers

    Millions of preschoolers are about to be doped into oblivion as part of a massive new push to "treat" little kids for the bogus disorder that practically all of them have. That condition, of course, is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -- and under the newest guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, docs are supposed to screen kids for it starting at the age of 4.
  7. How TV rots little brains

    You've heard that TV can rot a kid's brain -- but that's more than just a figure of speech. Fast-paced shows like "SpongeBob Squarepants" can turn bright kids into dimwits before the next commercial break.
  8. The raw cure for asthma & allergies

    There's a 100 percent natural way to beat allergies and asthma before they even start -- but of course, it's practically a crime to give it to your kids.
  9. Common chemical turns children into monsters

    If you think kids are just plain rotten now, just wait a few years. The next generation is going to be the worst group yet. It's not because of poor parenting (although that will certainly play its part). It's because of toxic chemicals.
  10. Scary new plan to drug teens

    A new study opens the door for pumping kids full of blood pressure meds -- even if they're perfectly healthy and even if they don't actually have high blood pressure by any standard definition.

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