childhood obesity

  1. War on childhood obesity attacks school bake sales

    Nanny state declares war on bake sales!

    It used to be you could spot a criminal coming a mile away. You knew that fella ambling down the street with neck tattoos and tattered jeans wasn't there to sell you insurance.

    But thanks to the Imperial Obamas and their nanny state nonsense, today's criminals are sporting different duds -- mom jeans and cardigans. And they're not selling drugs or black market guns -- just sugar cookies and banana bread.

    Michele Obama (your unelected queen) has our country on the verge of banning an institution as American as apple pie -- school bake sales. Queen Obama is obsessed with making America's kids skinny as rails, and she's the perfect fathead for the job.

    The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act -- you know, the bill Queen Obama stumped for all over America -- is forcing schools everywhere to GUARANTEE their kids are eating healthy. And thanks to the way the bloated bill is written, some school administrators say they'll have to ban -- or significantly restrict -- bake sales and birthday cakes.

    That's right -- with crazy kids shooting and stabbing each other in hallways, the Obamas have found the REAL criminals in America's schools. It turns out public enemy number one is a mom or dad raising money for band uniforms.

    This isn't a war on obesity -- it's a war on common sense. Most parents don't send their kids to $40,000-a-year private schools like the Obamas. They fund their sports teams and clubs one brownie at a time.

    But either way, eating healthy is about personal responsibility and choices -- and these Big Government ninnies still don't understand you can't legislate either.

    It's time to get the Obamas out of our kids' lunch pails. Because when you start arguing that a mom selling pecan pie is the reason kids are fat, all you're cooking up is nonsense.

  2. Cholesterol tests being pushed for fourth-graders

    Big Pharma preps kids for statin push

    It was longer ago than I care to admit, but I still remember standing around the sandlot with my buddies after a baseball game, bragging about our batting averages.

    One guy would claim he had a .320... another fella had a .280. Well, you're still likely to hear kids having those conversations all across America -- except now, they're not crowing about their batting averages.

    They're talking about their cholesterol counts!

    A group of sadistic mainstream doctors who never met a pill they wouldn't push are now recommending kids as young as nine years old start getting cholesterol tests. Because, after all, America's fourth-grade classrooms are overflowing with kids with zipper scars from quadruple bypass surgeries.

    These nutjobs are pointing to research showing that lots of young kids have elevated cholesterol and triglyceride counts -- but it's what they're NOT talking about that ought to have moms and dads terrified.

    There's hardly any medical research conducted these days that doesn't have Big Pharma's grubby fingerprints all over it. And sure enough, this study was presented at a conference for the American College of Cardiology, a group that practically sold its soul to the drug companies years ago.

    You're not seeing some health breakthrough here, friend -- you're witnessing the opening salvo in a campaign to start pushing dangerous cholesterol-lowering statins on kids. Just a few days ago, I told you about new heart guidelines written by the ACC and the American Heart Association that are designed to make MILLIONS more Americans eligible for these sickening pills.

    Well, the buck stops with your kid. The next time some pushy doc starts recommending a cholesterol test for your child or grandchild, do that tyke the favor of a lifetime -- yank him out of the office and get him back on the ball field where he belongs.

  3. No connection between occasional fast food and weight in kids

    Want to know why America's kids are so fat? Stop staring accusingly at the McDonald's menu and start looking in the mirror instead. A new study proves that lazy moms and dads -- and not Happy Meals -- are making children obese and are turning our tykes into ticking diabetic time bombs.
  4. Obesity kills sperm

    Obesity is like a natural contraceptive. Not only does it make you less attractive to the opposite sex, but men with bulging bellies also make less sperm.
  5. Report calls for taxes on junk food

    That's right. The folks at the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council (IMNRC) would have you believe that higher taxes will make for a trimmer, healthier America.
  6. Early puberty, a growing concern

    Early puberty in girls is no longer a uniquely American problem. Now it seems that European girls are also physically maturing earlier than usual than ever before.
  7. Junk Food Rewards As Academic Incentives

    The issuance of candy or junk food rewards as ACADEMIC INCENTIVES.
  8. Strides Towards Better School Fare

    I've been reporting for a long time about the battle over junk food in our schools. After all, it's the eating habits and waistlines of our nation's children at stake here.
  9. Genetic Modification May Help the Environment

    A group of Japanese researchers (no, none of them are named Frankenstein) have successfully inserted a gene from the human liver into a variety of rice to help it resist the effects of pesticides and industrial chemicals.
  10. Reduced Sugar Breakfast Cereal

    Reduced sugar breakfast cereals are no better for kids than the old versions; Therapeutic caning is being used by Russians to treat maladies such as depression, alcoholism and drug addiction.

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