1. Big Food washing chicken with deadly chemicals

    A deadly game of chicken

    Your skin is slowly roasting like a pig over a barbecue spit. Each breath shoots a stinging, burning sensation from your nostrils, straight to your lungs.

    You're not on fire, but this is closer than any human should ever feel. And, no, you're not in hell -- just America's new, twisted version of it.

    And if that doesn't sound like a life you'd sign up for, well, neither did Sherry Medina of Alabama. But the former inspector at a massive chicken processing plant is living in her own private, pill-popping purgatory thanks to a toxic chemical Big Food is dumping all over your dinner.

    Medina and her fellow workers are coming forward and warning that Big Food has begun coating processed chicken in a toxic, sickening antimicrobial agent that is burning the skin and lungs of everyone who comes into contact with it. The "wash," which can contain everything from high-concentration chlorine to heavy acids, is dumped on your chicken right before its shipped off to your supermarket shelves.

    When mom told you to wash your chicken, she wasn't kidding.

    Chicken processing plants are leaving their workers with asthma, burning skin, and tissue damage, all in a desperate bid to make their product a little less filthy and disease-infested before it's sold to you.

    If you've ever seen a chicken processing line in action, you probably thought you were watching the poultry version of the Indianapolis 500. These cluckers are moved along so quickly, there's hardly enough time to kill them properly -- let alone ensure they've been properly decontaminated.

    Superman can't work that fast -- and, trust me, the average Joe pulling down $8 an hour on a chicken processing line ain't Superman. It's no wonder we can't seem to go a month without a salmonella outbreak in America.

    America's dirtbag chicken processors are going to keep making chicken this way as long as you keep buying it. Switch to local, free-range chicken, and Big Food will get the message loud and clear -- it's time to clean up their act.

    Watching Big Food's chickens come home to roost,

  2. High-fat diet slashes symptoms of aging 39%

    Mainstream crying "fowl" over pro-fat study

    He's the same age as you, but he looks 10 years younger. He still hasn't loss a strand of his hair, and he's probably been wearing the same size jeans since high school. While you're struggling to get up the stairs, he's out playing 18 holes a day.

    And you just hate him, don't you?

    Who can blame you? We all know someone who has what I call Peter Pan Syndrome. They never grow up and never seem to age, even while you're collecting more wrinkles than a seersucker suit.

    Well, if you want to become one of these superhumans, you're not going to find the answer in their genetic codes -- but you may find it in their refrigerators.

    Because a new study out of Japan proves that if you want to live to 100... if you want to stay sharper than a barber's razor... it's time to put down the tofu and pick up a steak knife.

    This research, just published in one of the top American journals on aging, found that seniors who ate the most protein -- we're talking the good stuff, like beef, fish, and poultry -- slashed their risk of mental and physical decline by a whopping 39%!

    And this was no short-term gain either. These folks were followed well into their 70s, when lots of us can't remember which day the trash man comes, let alone the names of all 20 grandkids.

    The results were unbelievable -- that is, if you're a slave to the mainstream medicine mentality. Because the ink wasn't dry on this groundbreaking research before every meat-hating yahoo in the mainstream had fired up his propaganda machine to attack it.

    They tried every pathetic trick in the book, even arguing that just because it worked for Japanese men doesn't mean it will work for you. These weren't MARTIANS -- they were Japanese seniors for goodness sakes! These same mainstream stooges cheer for overseas studies when they back some wonder drug, but the minute one proves that fat is good for you they throw up the caution flags.

    Hogwash. As I told you at the beginning of this week, the anti-meat crowd is so hell bent on attacking fat that they're still swearing by a 60-year-old, discredited heart disease study conducted by a scientist who "coincidentally" left out all of that data that didn't agree with his hypothesis! < a href="">Click here to catch up on that shocking revelation.

    Have you ever sent your wife flowers and saw what they looked like a week later? That's your aging brain without protein. And protein is the best way to stave off the dangerous and permanent muscle loss we all face as we get along in years.

    So if you're tired of shuffling along, looking and FEELING older than you are, it's time to tear down the mainstream's sacred cows and cook one up for dinner instead. You just may find you're one of those superhumans after all.

  3. Just how filthy is your chicken dinner?

    Workers for one of the world's largest chicken processors were practically swatting cockroaches with one hand while packing your family's chicken drumsticks with the other. Find out about the reportedly filthy Foster Farms chicken plant our government REFUSES to close, and the simple step you can take to keep your family safe from salmonella and other food poisoning.
  4. Chickens processed in China headed for the U.S.

    New laws will allow chickens raised in the United States to be processed in China and then sent back to the U.S. for sale in our supermarkets.
  5. Chicken meat routinely 'washed' with chemicals

    Chickens are routinely sprayed four or more times during processing to "clean" the meat for the market -- but no one knows if these chemicals are safe.
  6. Finger-lickin' bad!

    It might take a tough man to make a tender bird. But it takes a mad scientist to create the "chicken" on your dinner plate these days.
  7. Can veganism cause pancreatic cancer?

    Pancreatic cancer is the disease that ultimately claimed the life of Steve Jobs last year -- and if a guy with all that power and money can't beat it, you know it's bad news. But I can't help but wonder if the guy's vegan lifestyle did him in -- because there's a key mineral that can minimize your risk of this deadly cancer... and if you're munching on bunny chow, you're missing out.
  8. Water for the price of steak

    But the normal rules don't apply in the meat industry -- heck, the meat industry gets to write its own rules -- so most consumers don't know that 90 percent of all pork, 30 percent of chicken and 15 percent of beef are plumped up with brine.
  9. Put down that drumstick!

    In early November, 212 workers at a single Alabama poultry processing plant tested positive for tuberculosis.
  10. PETA grilled on its "chicken little" cancer clucking

    The credible-sounding group claims that samples of grilled chicken from each of these restaurants tested positive for a chemical called PhIPm, one of a group of cancer-causing compounds called HCAs.

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