Fight for your right to make your own decisions

People who refuse vaccines often keep it a secret. They're afraid they'll be treated like a basement-dwelling weirdo in a tinfoil hat if they admit they find shots unnecessary and even dangerous.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you're not a weirdo, and you're definitely not alone.

You're part of a massive and growing movement -- and the time to speak up is NOW. If you don't, your right to refuse those shots will be snatched away.

In fact, it's already happening.

A kindergartner in New York was recently banned from school because she can't get a chicken pox shot.

Not won't -- CAN'T.

The girl's newborn sister has a rare autoimmune disorder -- and if she gets the shot, the baby could be exposed and DIE.

But school officials don't care about the threat to the baby's life. They claim one unvaccinated girl is a threat to the entire school -- which doesn't even make sense.

If everyone else is vaccinated and the vaccine works, what are they so afraid of? Besides, it's just the chicken pox, for crying out loud -- a few years ago, it was a rite of passage everyone went through.

It's no fun, but after a few days of itching, it's done -- usually forever.

So this isn't about safety at all. It's about POWER, and not just power over little kids and their parents. School districts and even some states now require dangerous HPV shots for older kids. (Read more about that outrage right here.)

And adults, you're not off the hook. Some people are actually being FIRED for refusing flu shots at work. (Yes, this is really happening.)

They're striking at every level, in every age group -- and this is only the beginning.

And that's why silence is no longer an option.

It's time to speak out -- speak out against school districts, governments, insurers, and bosses trying to force you to get shots you don't want or need. Speak out for your right to reject dangerous vaccines -- because if you don't speak out now, you can kiss that right goodbye.

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