1. Don’t let the Feds tell you Chantix is safe

    Kick the habit the time-tested, natural way

    No one ever said that quitting smoking was easy.

    Nicotine withdrawal can make you feel headachey, nauseous, irritable, anxious, and depressed. And all of that can make it difficult to concentrate on anything but trying NOT to light up.

    It's no wonder that only seven percent of folks actually SUCCEED in quitting on their first try!

    But the risks of turning to a prescription drug for help can make the side effects of nicotine withdrawal seem like a walk in the park -- because studies show that Pfizer's "smoking cessation" drug Chantix has been linked to everything from hallucinations to suicide.

    Now, common sense would tell you that someone who's quitting smoking likely wants to LIVE. They shouldn't be considered a suicide risk. Yet more than 5,000 cases of adverse psychological events associated with Chantix have been reported -- which was enough to get the FDA to slap a black box warning on the drug, saying that it may cause "serious neuropsychiatric events."

    Not surprisingly, the number of prescriptions for Chantix plummeted as a result.

    And now, Pfizer is campaigning to get the FDA to remove the dire warning by showing off the results of a new study that suggests the risk has been previously "overstated."

    But don't believe everything you read -- because in a recent review, the Feds found out that Pfizer had paid investigators at dozens of trial sites to speak to the FDA about Pfizer drugs, which called the accuracy of the research into question.

    These allegedly biased investigators weren't just given a buck or two; they were paid more than $25,000, many on more than one occasion. And go figure: The 32 sites where this money changed hands coincidentally reported fewer and less severe neuropsychiatric side effects.

    And there were dozens MORE that received "fees" that went unreported because they were below the $25,000 limit for mandatory reporting.

    Even if the suicide risk ISN'T as bad as we previously thought, you STILL shouldn't have to choose between suicidal thoughts (or attempts) and dying a slow, smoking-related death.

    You CAN quit smoking, and you CAN do it without deadly risks. You just need the support of your family, friends, and a holistic doctor who can help you get through the rough patches.

    I've found in my own practice that acupuncture can actually do wonders. It boosts your immunity... it can release endorphins and give you a bit of a "high"... and most people find it incredibly relaxing.

    Isn't that why you smoke in the first place?

  2. Feds may pull anti-smoking Chantix after suicide link

    Smoking won't kill you -- but Chantix might

    I must be the biggest sucker in the world. I sweat my way through four years of medical school and 14-hour shifts as an intern -- all so I could hang that M.D. degree on my wall.

    Meanwhile, this country is being overrun by MILLIONS of medical experts who never stepped foot inside a classroom. And if you don't believe me, try this little experiment.

    Head outside, and light up.

    Because the second you take that first puff you can bet one of these self-proclaimed experts will crawl out of the woodwork and offer you the same old, unsolicited advice.

    He'll tell you you're killing yourself.

    Well, if Doctor Know-it-All thinks smoking is dangerous, he ought to take a good, hard look at the alternative.

    Because it turns out the miracle pill Big Pharma is foisting on millions of smokers like you may be more frightening and deadly than anything that ever rolled off the Marlboro production line.

    And it's not just me saying it -- even the anti-tobacco Nazis at the FDA are getting on board.

    The FDA has just announced plans to review Pfizer's anti-smoking drug Chantix to see whether the risks of the drugs outweigh the benefits.

    No, friend, that's not a typo. The same government that has waged a decades-long war on tobacco, and that wants to wipe every last cigarette and cigar off the face of America, thinks you may be better off smoking than taking Chantix.

    And they're right. Since the first prescription for Chantix was filled eight years ago, it's been making some folks nuttier than a squirrel turd. Dozens of men and women have killed themselves on Chantix, and hundreds more have been stopped just in time.

    And some of the poor saps who aren't hanging themselves in their closets have been struggling with depression, hostility, and violent behavior. One California man is claiming Chantix led him to kill his wife -- and the judge is allowing the defense!

    Pfizer says it's willing to play ball on a new label that would "better reflect" Chantix's risks. How gracious of them. I imagine it might have pictures of a noose and a revolver with warning lines drawn through them.

    Friend, the rooster is crowing and the alarm bells are sounding -- this is your wake-up call. When our tobacco-hating government considers pulling an anti-smoking product off the market, the house isn't just on fire -- it's already in ashes.

    So the next time one of those anti-smoking health nuts hassles you about your cigarette, do yourself a favor. Hand him some Chantix, but tell him he better avoid the roof.

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