How a high-carb diet can rot your mind

Pop quiz time: What's the fattest organ in your body?

No, it's not your stomach. When your belly bulges, that's fat building up around the organ -- not in it. Your brain, on the other hand, is 60 percent fat -- and it needs more all the time to thrive.

That's why a diet rich in animal fats can lift your mood and memory -- and that's also why a carb-heavy low-fat diet will rot your skull like a leftover Halloween pumpkin.

Need proof? Seniors who eat the most carbs don't just have a higher risk of mild cognitive impairment. They have QUADRUPLE the risk, according to the latest research from the Mayo Clinic.

So ditch the potatoes -- but keep the steak, because the study of more than 1,200 70- and 80-somethings confirms that a high-fat diet can slash your risk of that cognitive impairment by 42 percent, while a high-protein diet will cut that risk by more than a fifth.

Cognitive impairment is more than just the first warning sign of potential dementia and Alzheimer's disease kicking in. It's often the ONLY warning sign -- so avoiding it is critical.

And avoiding it clearly means limiting your carb intake.

That's because carbs cause your blood sugar levels to spike, ultimately leading to insulin resistance. You know what comes next: diabetes. But most people don't realize that insulin resistance can also damage blood vessels in the brain and even cause the buildup of the beta-amyloid plaques responsible for dementia.

I've said this all along, but scientists are just starting to put two and two together here -- and some of them, even mainstream experts, now say it's time to stop using the terms "dementia" and "Alzheimer's disease" and call this brain-waste what it really is: type 3 diabetes.

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