If you got last year's flu shot, you may be up to twice as likely to get swine flu, according to reports out of Canada.

A study that makes this frightening connection is supposedly floating around out there – but don't go looking for it, because you won't find it.

It hasn't been published yet, and the authors can't even talk about their incredible bombshell until it is.

When will that be? Who knows. But each day brings even more questions about the swine flu and the vaccines manufacturers have rushed into production, and they can't silence everyone (although I'm sure they'll try).

German health expert Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg says the solution used in that new flu shot is made from the cancerous cells of animals, and worries that could lead to a reaction. Some even wonder if it could cause cancer.

Again, don't expect to read about that in your local newspaper. They're doing everything they can to make sure you shut up, line up for your shot and roll up your sleeve without asking questions.

Some people have even been told they'll lose their jobs if they don't get jabbed.

But if the Canadian study is accurate, there are real questions about not only the flu, but the so-called cures – and yet they don't want you to know about them. The unpublished study has caused such a stir that everyone from the World Health Organization to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has been looking into it.

They're terrified that even the notion that this study is out there will cause some people to skip their flu shots this year. But until the rest of us can see the research for ourselves, we don't have any answers.

Only more questions.

Without severe public pressure, my guess is this study won't see the light of day until after the current panic subsides. They don't want to scare you away from more needless flu shots right around their most profitable time of year.