There's a fool born every minute -- don't be one of them

There's a reason cowboys in the Old West played poker with their cards in one hand and a six-shooter in the other. Because there's nothing a strong-backed, red-blooded American hates more than a card cheat trying to swindle him out of his hard-earned dough.

Well, it's time for a group of mainstream, Ivy League frauds to get a dose of 21st century justice, Dr. Douglass-style. Because they're stacking the deck trying to con you into making what could be the worst decision of your life.

And it's not just your money they're after -- they're out to wreck your health.

I've been screaming for years that the mainstream is raking in billions by forcing dangerous, costly, and TOTALLY WORTHLESS treatments and tests on cancer patients. But apparently I stand corrected, because a group of University of Pennsylvania scientists is claiming that unnecessary cancer tests are rarer than four-leaf clovers.

And all they had to do was ask the doctors ordering the tests.

The doctors were asked if patients ever requested unnecessary tests or treatments. And if so, whether or not the doctors ever caved in and went ahead with those unneeded tests anyway.

According to the survey of 26 cancer specialists (that's almost 30, so you know this is top-shelf research) at UPenn's Abramson Cancer Center, doctors never ever order needless tests or treatments.

Those aren't your cataracts acting up, friend -- you read every word of that right. Researchers asked doctors and nurses from their OWN UNIVERSITY to admit to caving in and exposing cancer patients to unneeded tests and treatments. And, low and behold, they weren't exactly chomping at the bit to fess up to their failures.

Imagine if your employer dispatched a "research team" to ask you whether you ever stole a pen from the company or acted against your customers' best interests. How would you -- or any sane person for that matter -- answer the questions?

The only difference is that UPenn scientists are asking you to treat their study as serious research. They're presenting it at a major medical convention, and want it to be the last word on unnecessary cancer tests and research.

Well, there's a fool born every minute, friend -- but don't be one of them. The fact is, study after study shows that the mainstream is regularly ordering up unproven mammograms, harmful radiation, worthless surgeries, and unreliable tests on anyone foolish enough to ask for, or agree, to them.

That's the unvarnished truth these "scientists" would have learned if they bothered to descend from their ivory towers and survey anyone except their friends and neighbors. So I'm going to borrow a poker term and recommend you do something with this study that even these card cheats will understand.