1. The 51st state is the Nanny State

    You almost expect the Nanny State takeover in Europe -- they're practically socialists over there anyway.

    But if you think this can't happen in America, you haven't been paying attention -- because it's already happening.

    In New York, Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned trans fats, pushed for limits on salt, and even proposed a soda tax like the one in France. And let's not forget the city's recent smoking ban that prevents people from lighting up OUTSIDE.

    In California, San Francisco and Santa Clara have banned children's meals with toys, like Happy Meals. A child's first lesson in life: Don't trust in mother when it comes to food choices -- trust in Big Mother instead.

    In Baltimore, the city is handing out $100 fines to restaurants caught red-handed using trans fats. In at least one case it was because the cook chose the wrong brand of "healthy" margarine!

    And in Washington, the Nanny Queen herself -- Michelle Obama -- is busily lecturing people on what, when, where, and how to eat. But of course, it's "do as I say, not as I do," because this is a woman who can stuff her face with the best of them.

    She admits her favorite food is French fries -- and even says she "can't stop" eating them... but don't you dare eat a fry yourself!

    Think I'm done? I'm just getting started. Thanks to ObamaCare, insurance companies and employers now work more closely with the federal government than ever -- and they're getting in on the Nanny act, too.

    Many of them now have "incentives" -- aka discounts -- for people who toe the party line: don't drink, don't smoke, join a gym, and lose weight. But let's call that what it really is -- because a discount for following some bureaucrat's health rules is really a surcharge on anyone who doesn't.

    Some employers even refuse to hire smokers -- and they're getting away with it, too!

    Throw in vaccine laws, school lunch regulations, red-light cameras, garbage monitoring, seat belts, helmets, and more and the Nanny State isn't just a figure of speech.

    It's the 51st state -- and the one you're living in right now.

  2. California plans to turn kids away from universal health care program

    I keep telling you that universal health care is bad news. Try as they might, U.S. states that have put it into practice keep coming up short literally. California is just the latest example.

    California's Healthy Families Program provides health insurance for the children of the working poor - specifically, kids whose parents make less than $3,667 a month for a family of three and $4,417 a month for a family of four.

    There's just one problem - there's not enough money to go around. With over 900,000 kids already enrolled in the program - and 27,000 new children being added each month - the program will be more than $17.2 million in debt if they don't so something soon.

    So the state officials are seriously considering putting a cap on enrollment. You read that right: the state-run healthcare program is going to limit the number of people they care for, because if they don't, the system will be completely overwhelmed.

    "If the board does not cap enrollment, it would have to take other, more drastic actions later," said Lesley Cummings, the executive director of the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board. "Capping enrollment rather than eliminating coverage that a child currently has seems the preferable path."

    If California can't afford state-sponsored health care for just the children of low-income families - how in the world does Uncle Sam think he can afford to cover the rest of us?

  3. California nutrition Nazis attack school bake sales

    The California state legislature passed new nutritional guidelines to limit the kinds of snacks that would be available for sale on public school premises.
  4. More bad news for statins: Possible Vytorin-cancer link

    According to an FDA statement about preliminary results from a recent clinical trial, "A larger percentage of patients treated with Vytorin were diagnosed with and died from all types of cancer, combined, when compared to treatment with a placebo."
  5. Death toll rises from antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    According to the CDC, the strain of common staph bacteria called MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is now responsible for more deaths throughout the U.S. than the AIDS virus.
  6. Right to homeschool jeopardized by activist court

    The California appeals court recently ruled that the parents of a staggering 166,000 students in the state could face criminal sanctions for homeschooling their children.
  7. Marijuana vending machines debut in California

    The California Supreme Court ruling is the latest glaring example of the legal gray zone that marijuana has entered.
  8. Breaking New Ground In Controlling The Spread Of Fire

    California's breaking new ground in controlling the spread of fire…

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