1. Caffeine is only a short-term fix for sleepiness

    This is why you're so tired

    If you consider coffee to be "the best part of waking up," you're not alone.

    Sometimes, it's exactly what you need to get you going and keep you alert and sharp throughout the day -- especially after a restless night of sleep.

    But if you're drinking cup after cup of that morning pick-me-up... one morning after another... there's a reason why you may still feel wiped out.

    Because according to a new study, while caffeine can be helpful as an occasional stimulant, it is by no means a replacement for a good night's sleep.

    Eventually, there's not a thing that caffeine can do about night after night of not getting enough rest.

    A study recently published in the mainstream journal Sleep restricted the sleep patterns of healthy, well-rested volunteers to just five hours a night each, for five consecutive nights and then gave them either a placebo or 200 mg of caffeine twice daily (the same as in about four cups of coffee over the course of the day).

    After the first couple of nights of insufficient sleep, the caffeine group fared better than the placebo group on tests of their mental skills.

    But here's the kicker: By day three, volunteers became almost immune to the stimulating effects of caffeine and appeared to succumb to their sleep deprivation. And when given the mental tests, their performance was no longer significantly better than the placebo group.

    In fact, by the end of the five days, the caffeine group reported themselves to actually be MORE ANNOYED than the placebo group!

    We know that sleep tends to get disrupted more the older we get, but if you haven't gotten at least seven hours of shuteye for a few nights in a row, it's time to try to get more quality sleep... rather than drinking caffeinated beverages (or taking caffeine pills) to try to stay awake.

    Besides, the more caffeine you drink, the more it can interrupt your sleep the next night!

    If you snore -- or you share a bed with someone who does -- it's no wonder that you don't ever feel rested! Find out if sleep apnea is the cause of the sawing logs... because if it is, it can usually be alleviated by losing weight or using a CPAP machine to aid the breathing.

    In the absence of a sleep disorder, there are drug-free remedies that can help regulate your sleep patterns naturally, like melatonin, L-theanine, 5-HTP, and even chamomile.

    If you truly love coffee, you don't have to give it up -- and you shouldn't! Go ahead and drink it in moderation, because it can slash colon cancer risk, protect your liver, and even protect you from diabetes. Just keep it to two or three cups a day in the morning and early afternoon, so it doesn't keep you up at night.

    But if your cup of tea is, well, tea, try drinking the peppermint variety, which kicks your brain into high gear without caffeine.

    Caffeine's Jolt Can Sometimes Be Short Lived

    Caffeine efficacy across a simulated 5-day work week with sleep restriction (Abstract)

  2. Can coffee help put a halt to the diabetes epidemic?

    Meet the new diabetes shot -- Espresso!

    Maybe I'm getting a bit cranky with age, but I've been waging a secret war against Starbucks for years. There's something about paying $5 for a cup of joe... about some teenager in an apron making me order my coffee size in Italian... that gets my blood boiling like a pot of overcooked soup.

    But the truth is, that cash you're plunking down for coffee every morning may be the best investment you make all day. Because those magic beans aren't just putting a little pep in your step -- they could be keeping a proven killer at bay.

    A massive new Harvard study found that starting each day with a fresh cup of coffee could slash your diabetes risk by an impressive 11%. And 11% is nothing to sneeze at -- we're talking about potentially ELIMINATING tens of thousands of diabetes cases every single year.

    Researchers studied coffee consumption for 123,000 adults and found that adding ONE extra cup of coffee to your daily routine could help keep you free from a lifetime of insulin pokes and lousy meals. And we're talking about the good, fully-loaded stuff -- decaf won't improve your health a bit.

    And while coffee is conquering diabetes, it isn't going to let cancer kill you, either. Last year, a review of 16 studies found that coffee can cut your liver cancer risk in HALF!

    The mainstream has been at war with coffee so long, they practically have nuclear-tipped missiles aimed at the Folgers factory. But it's high time we had a truce, because the evidence couldn't be clearer -- when it comes to beating back disease, a daily shot of espresso may be the best shot you have.

  3. Coffee slashes risk of deadly liver disease

    Consuming coffee regularly can reduce your chances of dying from liver cirrhosis by 66%.
  4. Energy drinks linked to teen depression, drug use

    Red Bull takes the rap for parents who can't control their kids.
  5. New study confirms cancer causing chemicals found in soft drinks

    The caramel coloring 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel) has been linked to aggressive lung cancer -- so why do greedy soda companies keep shoveling it into our colas? A new report shows some sodas carrying levels of 4-Mel at 12 times the safe limit!
  6. Coffee perks up memory

    A cup of coffee can do more than just wake you up. It can also enhance your memory, according to new research.
  7. Coffee's amazing liver protection

    A daily coffee habit can cut your risk of liver cancer in half, according to the latest research.
  8. No, coffee will not kill you

    A study claims four cups of coffee a day can kill you... but it's just not true.
  9. Boost your mood with coffee

    Coffee is a powerful antidepressant -- so strong it can cut your risk of suicide by more than half.
  10. Caffeine makes you a better driver

    A cup of coffee is just what you need before you hit the highway, as a new study finds that caffeine will make you less likely to get into an accident.

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