British Fluoridation Plan

The latest round in the fluoride fight

You might think that over in merry old England
(stereotypically the land of the dentally challenged) they'd
be clamoring for fluoridated water - since EVERYBODY KNOWS
it prevents cavities (it really doesn't, as you long-time
Daily Dose readers know).

But they aren't, at least not all of them. In fact, a very
vocal contingent of anti-fluoridation activists (for lack of
a better word) are threatening to take the British
government to court should the proposed national
fluoridation plan become the law of the land. Currently, the
legislation is being ram-rodded through the House of
Commons, and the odds are good that it will pass easily.

Which means every citizen of that great nation will (like
the United States) be forced to ingest a toxin formerly used
only as a rat poison, and which has been linked t

* Immune system alteration - Fluoride causes the immune
system to fail to distinguish between the body's own
proteins and disease, which can lead to autoimmune
conditions, like asthma and Graves' disease.

* Muskolo-Skeletal harm - Fluoride-caused enzyme toxicity
damages the collagens and other substances that make up
muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and even tooth enamel
(honest!). Rheumatoid illnesses such as arthritis and
osteoporosis are aggravated as a result.

* Genetic damage - Fluoride's enzyme poisoning effects
penetrate the body's chromosomes, causing permanent genetic
changes that can lead to damage to the genitalia, and has
even been linked to an increased incidence of birth defects
like Down Syndrome.

* Cancer - Because fluoride is a mutagen, it can cause the
uncontrolled spread of certain types of cells, cancer among
these. One report from San Francisco in the 1950 showed a
400% increase in one type of cancer during the period in
which their water supply was initially fluoridated.

* Thyroid dysfunction - Fluoride causes damage to the
thyroid gland in multiple ways, which can play havoc on your
body's hormonal balance and ultimately lead to
hypothyroidism, an increasingly common condition in most all
civilized nations.

As if these things aren't bad enough, because your body can
only eliminate about half the fluoride you ingest, this
toxin builds up in your system over time. This causes its
negative effects to be multiplied the older you get.

But since our local and national governments aren't doing
anything to protect us from this poison (but instead are
forcing it down our throats), it's up to you to protect
yourself. The best ways to do this are to stop using
fluoridated toothpastes and invest in a good-quality, high-
volume water filter that specifically targets fluoride.

Your only other option is to move somewhere the "fluoride
Nazis" haven't taken over yet.
But then, there's no guarantee they won't start fluoridating
the day after you sign your lease.


Tell us something we DON'T know

Is it really any surprise to learn that more than 2 years
after that darkest of days in September, 2001, we're still
sorely under-prepared for a bioterror attack or other major
public health emergency?

Well, now it's official - according to a large-scale study
conducted by the non-profit Trust for America's Health. The
elaborate survey-based research evaluated each U.S. state
(including the District of Columbia) with regard to its
level of compliance with 10 specific threat-response goals.
Among these: The presence of at least one lab equipped to
handle biological agents, adequate numbers of medical staff,
a sufficient stockpile of medical supplies and medicine, and
whether or not the state had cut their public health budgets
in the face of a slowing economy.

The study's findings: That only 9 of 50 states met EVEN HALF
of these 10 target criteria. Ironically, Washington, D.C. -
perhaps the most prime of all target zones in the whole of
the nation - met only 3.

Reassuring, isn't it?

Sickening, more like.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again now. Instead of
forming new and ever-more-bloated Federal agencies like the
Department of Homeland Insecurity to suck up funds,
arbitrarily limit (or eliminate) your personal freedoms, and
do all the wrong things to prevent another terrorist attack,
what we really need to do to is empower individuals to
protect themselves - in ALL ways and from EVERY threat.

And after nearly two and half years, you'd figure they come
up with at least that much, right?

Always prepared so you'll always be prepared,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD