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  1. Conquer breast cancer with "flower power"

    Ladies, once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, I know that you just want to move on with your life.

    So, you may be tempted to go with aggressive approaches -- sickening chemotherapy, toxic radiation, or disfiguring surgery -- to try to get rid of that tumor ASAP.

    But those aren’t your only options. And they’re not always the best line of defense to jump into (at least not right away).

    Because according to a new study, there's something natural that can beat back breast cancer without side effects -- and it's been used effectively in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for hundreds of years.

    It's called Astragalus membranaceus (a.k.a. milkvetch root or "Huang-qi"), and it comes from the root of a Chinese flower with MAJOR healing power.

    In the study, Chinese researchers exposed breast cancer cells to astragalus extract in the lab.

    And it turned out that the extract not only slowed cell growth, it also caused them to DIE.

    That may be because the root of this Asian flower addresses some of cancer's "root" causes!

    Previous studies have shown that the active compounds in astragalus can boost your immune system... tamp down inflammation... and fight free radical damage, all of which fortify your natural defenses against cancer.

    And the benefits of this Chinese herb don't stop there.

    Practitioners of TCM have been using astragalus for hundreds of years to treat conditions as varied as colds and flu, hepatitis, and heart disease.

    And modern science has proven that it can help with everything from controlling diabetes to reducing asthma attacks.

    Now, if you think that astragalus sounds like a cure-all, you're onto something -- it's considered to be an "adaptogen," which is an herb that eases the effects of stress throughout your body and battles illness on multiple fronts.

    So, if you're combating cancer, astragalus can be a powerful weapon in your natural treatment arsenal.

    Now, despite the fact that chemo drugs and surgery both come with some pretty harrowing risks -- including helping breast cancer SPREAD to other parts of your body -- sometimes you absolutely need mainstream treatment for your cancer.

    But the good news is that studies have shown that this miracle herb may help chemo be more effective in beating back cancer... and even ease its side effects.

    Plus, astragalus is just one of the many botanicals used in TCM – others include green tea and mangosteen – that have been shown in studies to stop breast cancer cells in their tracks.

    Talk to a doc well-versed in herbal medicine about how to incorporate it into your treatment plan.

  2. Green tea can stop breast cancer in its tracks

    This popular Asian sip could save your life

    Ladies, being told that you have breast cancer is one of the scariest things you could ever hear.

    But as if that weren't bad enough, it gets even worse if your doc tells you that your cancer is "ER negative" (ER-) -- a more aggressive type with a lower survival rate.

    In ER- breast cancer, your cancer cells lack estrogen receptors, meaning your cancer may not respond to mainstream drugs that target them, like tamoxifen.

    Of course, that may seem like a blessing in disguise, since tamoxifen has been linked to everything from endometrial and uterine cancers to hot flashes and strokes. But there's nothing that can pull the rug out from under you like getting diagnosed with breast cancer and having few to no treatment options for it.

    Fortunately, according to a new study, that isn't entirely true.

    Because it turns out that a natural compound in your favorite afternoon pick-me-up can kill ALL types of breast cancer cells, even ER- ones.

    I'm talking about green tea.

    In the new study out of South Korea, the researchers collected both healthy and cancerous tissues from 74 breast cancer patients, a third of whom were ER-.

    In the lab, those cells were then exposed to one of the most abundant antioxidants in green tea, a catechin called "epigallocatechin gallate," or EGCG for short.

    It turned out that EGCG not only SLOWED the growth of those cancer cells... but it actually caused them to shrivel and DIE.

    And it gave a one-two punch to both ER- and ER+ cells.

    It appeared that the green tea component suppressed a protein known as B-catenin, which is important in the growth of cancerous tumors.

    We already know from previous studies that drinking green tea may actually prevent women from developing breast cancer in the first place. But these new results take that a step further -- giving you even more reason to get brewing!

    And the benefits of green tea don't stop with cancer-fighting: The antioxidant-packed beverage can also slash your risk of dementia in half, protect your bones, and reduce your risk of coronary artery disease.

    I also like to support my patients with an EGCG extract as they are detoxing their livers, since its antioxidant properties can provide quite a bit of protection against potentially harmful compounds.

    If you're usually a coffee drinker in the morning, try swapping that "cuppa joe" for a mug of green tea. And since green tea has about a third of the caffeine as coffee, you can drink it later in the day without bouncing off the walls at bedtime.

    Green tea is delicious hot or iced. Just stay away from sweetened green tea drinks and treats like green tea ice cream -- because sugar can feed cancerous tumors, helping them to grow and spread.

    You can also find green tea extract supplements in capsule form -- as well as organic green tea powder (sometimes called "matcha") -- at your local health food store.

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  4. Chemo can help breast cancer cells spread

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  5. Not sleeping enough doubles risk of dying from breast cancer

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  6. Vitamin D ups breast cancer survival odds

    Lower levels of vitamin D are associated with more advanced-stage tumors and a worse prognosis at the time of a breast cancer diagnosis. But you can increase your odds of surviving breast cancer if you ever do get diagnosed by maximizing your intake of vitamin D now.
  7. Insufficient sleep doubles risk of death from breast cancer

    A study of more than 20,000 women showed that routinely getting less than six hours of sleep a night – and snoring – doubled the risk of dying from breast cancer.
  8. Acupuncture helps improve quality of life for women fighting breast cancer

    Acupuncture shown to lessen severity of hot flashes in breast cancer patients
  9. Removing healthy breast has no medical, emotional benefit

    Elective double mastectomies don’t extend lives or ease anxiety in breast cancer patients.
  10. Broccoli compound can delay progression of breast cancer

    According to new research, a compound in broccoli and other vegetables can slow the spread of breast cancer, even after you’re diagnosed.

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