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  1. FDA withheld lifeline from dying cancer patients

    FDA inaction sentences kids to death

    It's a good thing the FDA only has three letters in its name so anyone who works there can spell it. Because I'm more convinced than ever that these bozos don't know how to read.

    They sure as heck aren't reading the thousands of complaints from folks who have been sickened by the dangerous prescription drugs they approved. And it's crystal clear that nobody in that entire sham shop has ever taken a minute to read our Constitution.

    Here in America, we have something called the separation of powers, so that no one person gets to serve as judge, jury, and executioner. But there are terminally ill kids and adults across America who will tell you the FDA has never gotten that message.

    A six-year-old boy is dying in a New York hospital right now. By the time you read this, he may already be dead. And with this child lying in a coma, breathing his last breaths, the FDA has FINALLY approved an alternative therapy that could have saved his life six months ago.

    And their toe-dragging is simply because they're out to ruin a "controversial" doctor who doesn't bother to worship at the feet of Big Pharma and Uncle Sam.

    Since 2013, the FDA has banned Texas doctor Stanislaw Burzynski from treating brain cancer patients using his antineoplaston therapy, a process designed to shrink tumors without traditional (and sickening) radiation and chemotherapy. The FDA has been harassing Dr. Burzynski for DECADES, and when they brought the hammer down on him this time, they dealt a death sentence to every single brain cancer patient he treats.

    We're talking about folks who are an awful lot like you and me... a 47-year-old mom from California... a 12-year-old kid from New Hampshire. And every single one of these patients were told by the mainstream that there were no conventional treatments available to them.

    Let me give it to you straight. I have no blessed idea whether antineoplaston works. The jury is still out. I know Dr. Burzynski and his colleagues claim some amazing successes, and I know he still goes to work every day, even though he's now in his 70s, because he believes so strongly in the therapy.

    But here's what I DO know for sure. When a person has been let down by mainstream medicine... when they've been told that there's NOTHING left to do but go home and die... they have every damn right in the world to seek whatever treatment they can find!

    And the FDA made these patients wait months for "permission" to use antineoplaston, essentially ensuring every one of them would die. Dr. Burzynski isn't the criminal here. The criminals here are the heartless baboons in the FDA offices right now who took away the last thing these cancer patients had.


  2. Cellphone study has some hang-ups

    That noise you're hearing isn't another bad signal from your cellphone -- it's the industry trying to drown out the research linking its devices to cancer.

    The latest effort: A nonsensical new study that claims no link between kids who use cellphones and the risk of brain tumors.

    Researchers surveyed 352 kids and teens from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland who were diagnosed with brain cancer and compared them to 646 kids of similar age who didn't have tumors.

    They say 55 percent of the cancer kids were regular cellphone users, versus 51 percent of the kids who didn't have cancer -- or not enough of a difference for a link, according to the study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

    So let's give every kid a cellphone -- heck, let's glue one to every child's ear, right?

    No so fast... because this study is absolutely meaningless.

    First, it was funded by the cellphone industry -- and it just so happened to find that the phones are safe.

    What are the odds?

    Second, the kids in this study were as young as 7 -- not nearly old enough to have been using phones for the years, or even decades, it takes for a brain tumor to form.

    Follow these cellphone-swinging kids for another decade or so and get back to me -- on a landline, please.

    Third, we've got plenty of other studies that say otherwise. One found cellphones will double your tumor risk if you use them for more than a decade, while another found a shocking 500 percent increase in risk in people who start using them before the age of 20.

    Other studies have linked cellphones to tumors in the salivary glands, DNA damage, dementia, infertility, and even bone damage for people who keep one attached to the body all day.

    If you know all that and want to risk it anyway, be my guest.

    But for God's sake, keep these death machines away from kids.

  3. Shocking cell phone research

    A new study makes the ridiculous claim that mobile phones are perfectly safe after all -- so keep right on yapping, and ignore that little headache that won't go away when it pops up in a few years.
  4. Cellular damage

    You don't need to see research to know that cellphones alter the brain.

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