Talk about an image problem.

Turns out obese women and their just-as-pudgy children have no idea that they're porkers -- and when asked to pick their own body shape out of a lineup, they almost always pick one that's too thin to be true.

And some of the fattest women actually pick the slimmest shapes.

Keep dreaming, lady!

Researchers asked 111 urban moms and 111 kids to pick a silhouette that looked closest to their own body size -- with 66 percent of the moms and 39 percent of the kids in the study either overweight or obese.

And boy did these people have problems accepting that.

Nearly 82 percent of the obese women picked smaller silhouettes -- including 6 percent who actually picked normal-weight shapes for themselves. Overweight women, on the other hand, weren't in denial quite as much -- only 42.5 percent of them picked out smaller shapes for themselves.

It was a similar story with the kids -- 86 percent of those who were overweight or obese picked smaller silhouettes for themselves.

Amazingly, it's not the first study to find overweight and obese people have a hard time accepting their size: One survey last year found that 30 percent of overweight people actually thought they were normal... and 70 percent of the obese thought they were merely overweight.

Most of them wouldn't even blame their eating habits for their size, either -- they were operating under the additional delusion that all they needed was a little more exercise.

Maybe they said this as they licked the remains of ranch-flavored Doritos off their fingertips.

Listen, it's time to get real with yourself. If your clothes don't fit like they used to, or if you've just got a sneaking suspicion that maybe you're a little bigger than you think, here's a quick experiment you can try at home: Buy a mirror and a scale, and use both.

Neither one will lie to you.