1. Being thin is deadlier than being fat

    Health nuts are DYING to be thin

    Ever had someone tell you that anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well, step one foot inside a typical gym, and you'll set yourself straight in a hurry.

    Those sweat factories are packed floor to ceiling with machines that look like they came straight out of a North Korean torture chamber -- and they're all killing you, one burned calorie and one drop of sweat at a time.

    And if you need any proof, just check out that guy with the 28-inch waist and stringbean arms pedaling away on an exercise bike like he's wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. He's been hassling you for years about losing your spare tire, but there's a secret he's hiding under those short-shorts and neon tank top.

    He's a walking corpse -- and a new study proves it.

    According to a massive new analysis out of Canada, folks who are underweight are TWICE as likely to die prematurely as people who maintain a normal weight.

    And that's not all. Turns out that being too thin is actually 50% deadlier than being fat! Tell THAT to the exercise Nazi who's always trying to drag you kicking and screaming on one of his "invigorating" five-mile jogs.

    Being too skinny isn't killing Richard Simmons fast enough for my tastes, but it sure is killing plenty of others. It may even be what offed celebrities like jogging fanatic Jim Fixx who dropped dead at 52, or the health crazy Congressman Goodloe Byron who bought the farm at 49.

    But for every Jim Fixx or Goodloe Byron you hear about, there are dozens of others you don't. In fact, one famous medical researcher conducted a study of 14 marathoners who died prematurely and found that every single one of them was malnourished!

    Listen, there are a lot of self-proclaimed health nuts out there offering garbage advice that could have you jogging and cycling your way straight through the Pearly Gates. That "personal trainer" you're trusting with your life at the gym may have as little as six weeks of training – and he may NEVER have even set foot inside a classroom.

    So stop trusting the meatheads and start trusting the science. Keep starving yourself and wasting away hours on a treadmill, and you could be a dead man walking.

    And if you're not careful, it all might happen a lot sooner than you think.

  2. Muscle-feeding fat the secret to longer life

    Give me beef or give me death

    What is it about turning 65 that makes folks think you're not interested in food anymore? The waitress at your favorite diner hands you the senior menu with smaller portions... friends start inviting you to brunch, as if breakfast and lunch are no longer two separate meals... and your doctor starts complaining about your weight like you're a jockey preparing for a big race!

    Stop the insanity! Socrates said the unexamined life isn't worth living, but I can assure you that life without good food isn't worth living either.

    And if you've been starving yourself, eating like a bird trying to add a couple of years onto your life, I have the best prescription you've received in a while.

    Fire up the grill and throw on some T-bones! Because a new UCLA study says it's time to stop obsessing about your weight and start focusing on giving your muscles the nutrients they need.

    Researchers followed 3,600 seniors for six years and found that those who maintained the highest levels of muscle mass were less likely to end up croaking like a love-sick toad. In fact, your muscle mass index was FAR more important than your body mass index in determining whether you lived or died.

    That makes sense, because your muscles keep you active and give you the stability you need to prevent dangerous falls. And what your muscles need more than anything as you age is a healthy, daily dose of protein from your favorite meats.

    So, starting today, deep six the dry toast and write off those rice cakes forever. Tomorrow when you walk into that diner, order the three-egg omelet with a side of bacon -- and tell the waitress that from now on, you'll be ordering off the big kid's menu.

  3. Body fat can hurt -- even if you're thin

    Excess body fat can be deadly, even if you're not overweight.
  4. New measure to replace BMI

    There's a new health measure to replace BMI, but it may not measure up when it comes to identifying health risks.
  5. Employers to fat people: You're fired!

    If you've got a plus-sized gut, you're not just physically unfit. You're unfit for work -- at least according to one hospital.
  6. Weight Problems Plaguing the Nation's Military

    Back in the fall, I wrote to you about how weight problems were plaguing the nation's military - so much so that thousands every year are routinely dismissed because of excess heft. This hasn't been the case until relatively recently.

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