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  1. Potentially dangerous drug on fast track for approval

    Drug insiders push approval of hazardous heart drug

    It seems like it happens once a week. Some lucky slob goes to a garage sale, plops down $5 for an ugly painting, and it turns out to be a Picasso.

    One man's trash really is another man's treasure. And those soulless hogs at Big Pharma are about to prove this old saw true once again.

    That's because they're getting ready to pry open your jaws, and force what could turn out to be one of the most dangerous drugs they've released in years, right down your throat. And you won't believe how they're doing it.

    By an appalling vote of 10-1 an FDA panel of heart experts just recommended that the feds approve the blood-thinning drug vorapaxar.

    Oh vorapaxar thins blood all right; apparently it just doesn't know when to stop. In fact, just three years ago, Merck shut down two studies on the drug because it was turning organs into bloody, leaking faucets. Vorapaxar was reportedly causing widespread internal bleeding among heart attack patients, and was even linked to dangerous brain bleeding!

    That's right. A drug so dangerous that its clinical trials were shut down was just recommended with 91% of the vote! Was this a medical review or some corrupt Third World puppet election? It's as if this panel of so-called experts was infiltrated by folks who've suckled at the teat of Big Pharma.

    Oh, wait -- it looks like that's EXACTLY what happened. The group that just recommended vorapaxar includes a former senior director of AstraZeneca, one of the largest drug companies in the world. There's even a vice president at Amgen, a $16 billion multinational drug company, sitting on this panel! Talk about the inmates running the asylum!

    Heck, the only thing missing is an employee of Merck, the manufacturer of this drug. But that would be TOO obvious I suppose.

    So how on earth could these so-called experts -- including doctors who took the Hippocratic Oath to "never do harm" -- stand behind a drug that seems practically guaranteed to leave some folks deader than doornails? They're claiming that the drug should be safe as long as it isn't given to people with a history of strokes.

    Of course, about 70% of people who have had a mini-stroke don't realize it right away, and many never get medical attention. So I can practically GUARANTEE that vorapaxar will be prescribed to people with a hidden history of strokes.

    And while I like to think of myself as a pretty smart guy, I'm far from the only one who sees this. This esteemed panel, the fat cats at Merck, and even our own government are perfectly aware that an awful lot of folks never realize they've had a stroke. And that means they also ought to know that vorapaxar could turn out to be a death sentence in a bottle.

    Vorapaxar will, no doubt, be coming to the market soon, and it'll have plenty of Big Pharma advertising bucks behind it. But if you've survived a heart attack, stay as far away from vorapaxar as possible. Don't give it a chance to finish the job.

  2. Aspirin as dangerous as rat poison

    Here's an easy way to make stomach-wrecking aspirin look downright reasonable: Just compare it to something even worse. That's always the story behind any study that gives aspirin a thumbs-up, and this latest one is no different.

    This time, the headlines may as well read: "Aspirin better than rat poison!" Because that's exactly what the researchers compared it to.

    Of course, they'll tell you they compared it to the blood thinner warfarin, but you and I know that this dangerous drug does double-duty as rat poison.

    So it should come as no surprise that more than 12 percent in the warfarin group dropped dead, suffered a stroke, or were hospitalized for serious heart problems, including heart attack and heart failure.

    No, the noteworthy part of this study is that the aspirin group had the same 12-percent rate of death, stroke, and serious heart problems as the rat poison group! And this is a med that's touted as a one-a-day drug to prevent heart problems! The truth is, daily aspirin use can actually CAUSE the very clots it's supposed to prevent.

    Seems to me like a more appropriate headline would be, "Aspirin just as dangerous as rat poison!"

    With results like these, does it matter to you that the warfarin patients had more serious bleeding problems than those in the aspirin group? I didn't think so!

    So forget trying to figure out which is the lesser of two evils, and skip them both.

    There are natural options available for thinning your blood that can slash your heart and stroke risk.

    Plain old cod liver oil will do the job just fine.

    For more on why your heart is begging for those omega 3 fatty acids, keep reading.

  3. Trade your stroke for a heart attack

    Looking to slash your risk of a stroke? Good news, folks -- you can... and all you need to do is give yourself a heart attack instead.
  4. Deadly Chinese blood thinner found in 11 countries

    The FDA has warned a Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer about contaminated heparin - a blood thinner that's been traced to one of their plants.
  5. How will you be affected by the latest FDA mix-up?

    The good news is that FDA officials were in China to look into the safety of a Chinese- made drug that's found in heparin, a blood thinner made by Baxter International. The bad news? They actually evaluated the wrong factory.

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