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  1. Drugs being pushed on you can knock you down

    Here we are at the start of autumn.

    The temperatures are DIPPING... and those colorful leaves are FALLING... but there's something you don't want to DROP, now or any time of year.


    As careful as you may be on rain-slick sidewalks, you can still find yourself DOWN for the count.

    And the culprit is none other than the drugs that are supposed to SAVE you.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to keep you on your feet… and make you shatter-proof if you do fall… but it won’t do much good unless you find a way off the BP meds.

    Kaiser Permanente researchers found that among the 475,000 patients who were prescribed meds for hypertension, those whose systolic (a.k.a. top number) BP fell to 110 or less were TWICE as likely to experience a serious fall or faint than those whose BP never dropped that low.

    By "serious," I mean one that landed them in the ER or a hospital bed.

    And all it took was their top number dipping that low just ONCE over the course of a year.

    Now, that doesn't really surprise me -- because if blood can't gush forcefully enough to your melon, you can wind up feeling dizzy, losing your balance, and even getting knocked out.

    That's especially true if you're on the older side.

    The older you get, the more likely you are to experience the side effects of low BP… and the harder it is for your body to normalize your BP after it takes a dive.

    And if you get woozy and wind up taking a spill, bones that have grown soft with age can snap like twigs when you hit the ground.

    Of course, even if your BP never drops below 110 while you're on blood pressure meds, you're not in the clear.

    Over the long haul, we know that these pills can cause irregular heartbeat… cancer… and even problems in the bedroom.

    And that raises a nagging question: Do you really NEED to be on BP meds in the first place?

    I'm not a big fan of the color-by-numbers approach to treating high BP. To be honest, some folks have naturally higher blood pressure and do just fine.

    And we know that blood pressure tends to go up as you get older. It’s usually nothing to worry about.

    But if your BP is truly dangerously high, there are plenty of natural ways to bring it down without popping one of those poison pills… and without checking into the hospital.

    Both magnesium and vitamin D can help regulate your blood pressure, but that’s not all.

    These bone-building nutrients can also strengthen your skeleton, making it less likely that you'll break a bone if you do take a fall.

  2. Could your BP med cause CANCER?

    If you've been reading my eTips for a while, you know that blood pressure meds can do a lot more harm than good.

    As I've shared with you before, these drugs come with some pretty hefty side effects, from irregular heartbeat to problems in the bedroom.

    But if you're currently taking the BP drug valsartan -- which actually has fewer side effects than some other prescription BP meds -- you may think you're taking less of a gamble with your health.

    But now, the FDA has sounded the alarm on valsartan for a pretty shocking reason.

    It’s issued a RECALL of the drug... because it was found to contain a chemical known to cause CANCER!

    That chemical is called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NMDA), and it's used to make stuff like rocket fuel and industrial lubricants.

    The FDA classifies it as a "probable human carcinogen," so what in tarnation is it doing in your medicine?!

    Well, it turns out that valsartan -- like many prescription drugs today -- is produced overseas in countries like India and China, where the feds have little oversight of manufacturing processes.

    And since NMDA can unintentionally make its way into products through certain chemical reactions , it can sneak into your drugs… especially if no one's looking out for it.

    The FDA sure wasn't -- that is, until the European Medicines Agency kicked off a recall of valsartan at the beginning of July, followed by countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Canada.

    When the flunkies in OUR federal government finally followed suit mid-July, they issued a voluntary recall of five different generic valsartan products manufactured in China but sold by U.S. companies.

    And now, in August, the FDA has expanded that recall list to include some valsartan products manufactured in India , too.

    All told, there are a DOZEN drugmakers whose valsartan products -- including valsartan drugs that contain a diuretic called “HTCZ” -- were found to contain NMDA!

    Of course, the feds are urging everyone not to stop taking valsartan abruptly, lest your BP shoot through the roof. And your doc may recommend switching to another version of the drug made by other companies -- or to another BP drug entirely.

    But the question is: Do you really need to be on BP meds in the first place?

    Too often, a diagnosis of hypertension is made by tightening that cuff on your arm ONE time during ONE visit to the doctor's office.

    And the stress of being at the doc's can send anyone's BP higher than normal -- something known as "white coat syndrome."

    A better way is to measure it consistently at home, where you're most comfortable, multiple times over a week or two.

    And if it turns out that your BP is truly, dangerously high, simple lifestyle changes like losing weight... moving around a bit more... and supplementing your diet with tart cherry juice and cinnamon can bring it down naturally.

  3. The tropical secret to lowering BP

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  4. Control blood pressure by maintaining your weight

    The ONE thing that keeps BP in check When you've got high blood pressure, it can feel like you've been saddled with a long to-do list. You know you're supposed to exercise and eat right... quit smoking and limit alcohol... and cut back on caffeine, salt, and stress. It's no wonder that the idea of popping just one little pill...
  5. Blood pressure spikes… from potatoes?

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  6. New blood pressure guidelines announced

    Medical groups have announced that healthy folks aged 60 and older whose systolic number is under 150 don’t need blood pressure meds. But to really understand what’s going on with your blood pressure, you’ve got to look beyond the numbers.
  7. A late dinner spikes blood pressure

    Study shows that folks who eat dinner within two hours of bedtime are twice as likely to experience a spike in blood pressure – giving them a higher risk of heart attack than those who dine earlier.
  8. Avoiding salt won’t lower your blood pressure

    A worldwide study shows that if you have high blood pressure, limiting sodium may not be the lifesaver your doctor says it is. In fact, salt could be just what saves your life!
  9. Tart cherry juice just as effective as blood pressure meds

    In a new study out of the UK, drinking two ounces of tart cherry juice lowered blood pressure by 7 percent in just three hours, making it just as effective as many anti-hypertensive medications prescribed by doctors.
  10. Heart Disease study finds it's time to chew the fat

    A massive analysis of 48 years' worth of research proves sugar – not fat – is the greatest risk to your heart.

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