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  1. Big fat diet pill trouble from China

    Big fat diet pill trouble from China

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And when it comes to the promises made by the manufacturers of weight-loss pills, you bank on it.

    The FDA just issued a warning for U.S. residents to steer clear of as many as 30 "natural" fat busters - many of which are from China.

    Most consumers don't know what's in these drugs - which have names like "Imelda Perfect Slim" and "Zhen de Shou" - because most of the ingredients are unlisted.

    But here's what I do know… The key ingredient of many of these drugs is sibutramine - a chemical that's actually found in the prescription anti-obesity drug Meridia. The fact that it's in there at all is bad enough, but it's in there in whopping dosages - as much as THREE TIMES the recommended daily dosage.

    It gets worse. Some of the pills also contain phenolphthalein, a chemical that was once used as a laxative but has since been withdrawn from the market because it MIGHT CAUSE CANCER.

    Of course, you won't find either of these ingredients listed on the box. These pills are chock full of uppers and laxatives and that can leave you chained to the john for hours at a time. But the worst part is that ingesting high dosages of these drugs (especially sibutramine) could actually trigger stroke or heart attacks in people with a history of heart issues or high blood pressure.

    Click here for a list of the drugs on the FDA's warning list.

  2. Shocking link between snoring and dementia

    Shocking link between snoring and dementia

    I've said a million times (at least) that a restful night's sleep pays healthy dividends in a thousand different ways. And I'm not just talking about the sheer hours spent in slumber. A lot of people think that if their eyes are closed for 8 hours, they're doing all they can to get good sleep. This isn't always true, especially for snorers.

    Snoring may seem harmless, but sometimes it signifies medical conditions that are far from innocuous - or can lead to them over time

    Researchers at Britain's Leeds University have concluded that years of heavy snoring could be causing ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE among many of those over 65 afflicted with the condition. The reason: Oxygen deprivation.

    Few people seem to know this, but heavy snoring - especially if related to a disorder called sleep apnea - can cause dangerously low levels of blood oxygen. The Leeds scientists have linked this oxygen deprivation to dementia.

    Interestingly enough, the snoring correlation appears to have been one that was accidentally discovered. The research was originally aimed at studying how the oxygen deprivation associated with things like strokes, angina, heart attacks, and emphysema affected the development of Alzheimer's

    The article's sources claim that heavy snorers are more than twice as likely to be men as women. This does NOT correlate with the numbers on the development of Alzheimer's, which affects women at a slightly higher rate than men when adjusted for age (women live longer, and therefore account for many more cases than men in raw terms).

    However, if this research is right in concluding the oxygen deprivation can be a major contributing factor to Alzheimer's, you may want to take some measures to stop snoring just in case. I'll give you a number of tips in tomorrow's Dose.

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