bird flu

  1. Uncle Sam is spending millions chasing fictional diseases

    Feds funding war on phony disease

    Will Rogers said that the only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets.

    And if we're looking for a new national slogan, that's got my vote.

    How long are you going to keep breaking your back while Uncle Sam breaks the bank? He's skimming 25 cents off every dollar you earn, with the same tired nonsense about how we need to arm our troops... educate our children... and keep enough cops on the street.

    And if you think that's where the shopping list ends, I have a taxpayer-funded bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. Because the truth is, if you REALLY knew what our government was spending your cash on, you'd never fork a red cent over to the feds again.

    Case in point, right now our government is pumping millions of your dollars into a shadowy agency you've never heard of -- and you'd better believe your local Congressman never mentions it in his stump speech.

    This agency isn't taking down Mexican drug cartels or fighting the global war on terror -- it's developing cures for pandemics that don't exist.

    In the most insane waste of taxpayer dollars since we used psychics to spy on the Soviets, Uncle Sam is pumping more than $400 million a year into the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). And BARDA's entire mission seems to be to hand out grants to Big Pharma for drugs you'll never use, to treat diseases you'll never catch.

    In fact, Novartis just used a BARDA grant to develop a vaccine for H7N9 bird flu -- a vaccine our government could start stockpiling immediately unless you and I stop them.

    Novartis says its new wonder vaccine works like a charm -- but the truth is, we'll never know. That's because in the history of mankind, no bird flu has EVER caused a pandemic. You have a better chance of being abducted by aliens than dying during some bird flu apocalypse.

    This isn't some emerging health threat. It's a taxpayer-funded boondoggle. Even in China, the birthplace of H7N9, the virus is spreading slower than frozen peanut butter. It's affected fewer than 150 people in a nation of 1.3 billion, and 80% of those folks survived.

    Yet Uncle Sam is STILL getting ready to stockpile H7N9 vaccine just WEEKS after an independent report found he wasted BILLIONS storing up Tamiflu.

    It's time to end the nonsense -- and get BARDA's budget off of the federal shopping list forever. Because at the end of the day, you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of catching H7N9 -- but Uncle Sam is going to bill you for the cure anyway.

  2. New flu panic over seals

    The next flu frenzy will be another flu lie

    Bird flu... swine flu... and now... SEAL flu???

    Sounds like a joke, but that's the next big panic as researchers claim seals -- the animals, not the Navy super warriors -- have a form of flu that may eventually spread to humans.

    If that's not enough to get people worried, they're still pumping up swine flu, with reports of a supposedly dangerous new variant.

    And just in case you forgot about bird flu, nearly every major media organization recently ran stories on the "race" to develop a vaccine for the virus before it's "too late."

    Are we supposed to believe they all came up with this idea on their own, at once? Or were they spoon-fed the details as part of the annual flu shot propaganda drive?

    Just take a look at the calendar and you'll know the answer, because summer is winding down and flu shot season is about to get into full swing.

    That means all these flu stories -- whether they're about this year's flu, last year's flu or some vague future threat of bird, pig, and seal flus -- are really just a way to prime the market.

    People read about all these diseases coming their way and their first instinct is to protect themselves the only way they know how -- with flu shots, even if the current shots aren't actually designed to protect against all these other flus.

    You can bet those shots are coming soon. But as I've been telling you over the years, flu shots simply don't work no matter which flu they claim to protect against. The rates of infection among the vaccinated and unvaccinated are so similar -- and so low -- that you can skip the shot this year, next year and any other year.

    But I'm not about to leave you high and dry here. You CAN protect yourself from flu, and you can do it without a vaccine. Remember what mom told you instead—wash your hands. Then build up your immune system with nutrients. There's one vitamin that's proven to be 800 percent more effective than the flu shot, and Douglass Report readers already know all about it -- I had the full story in my January 2011 issue.

    If you want to arm yourself with information rather than media-induced fear, get your own subscription right here and read all about it in my online archives.

  3. WHO's afraid of the bird flu vaccine

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that there was no need for a massive vaccination campaign against the bird flu virus because it has not been proven that the virus would develop into a pandemic.
  4. A clear and pheasant danger…

    Apparently, the "experts" at the World Health Organization (WHO), the international Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other such august bodies, were mystified by the lack of an explosion in avian influenza cases among humans over the last 9 months or so of 2006.
  5. Bird Flu

    In the last Daily Dose, I wrote to you about a bird flu scare in an open-air bird market in New Jersey. Although that flu strain turned out NOT to be the H5N1 influenza virus that has plagued Asia, Europe, and Africa, the alarm has definitely been raised on The Hill…

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