1. Another reason not to exercise

    If you're looking to protect your heart, the last thing you want to do is punish it with super-intense workouts. The greater the strain, the greater the risk -- that's true for anyone, which is why even supposedly healthy people keel over and die after gym exercise.

    And if your heart is already pumping under the strain of diabetes, pushing it to the limit with high-intensity exercise will only make matters worse -- so naturally, that's exactly what the mainstream wants you to do.

    Researchers tortured eight diabetics with workouts that brought their hearts right to the brink -- 90 percent of maximum heart rate -- for a minute at a time during a 20-minute workout.

    A minute of torture, a minute of rest... a minute of torture, a minute of rest -- and so on. And after six of these workouts over two weeks, blood-sugar levels dropped by about 10 percent.


    Not only is that completely underwhelming, but if you keep up with these workouts, you can pretty much count the days until your next heart attack.

    But you don't have to put your heart on the line in the name of blood sugar control. In fact, you don't have to spill even a drop of sweat to ace every blood sugar test, every time. All you need to do is swear off sugar and keep the rest of the carbs to a minimum.

    For some more immediate help, try a cinnamon supplement (use a water-based extract, which minimizes the natural toxins present in cinnamon), and a synthetic form of thiamine called benfotiamine.

  2. Actos maker sued over cancer link

    Actos was supposed to be the "safer" alternative to Avandia, the diabetes drug that boosted heart risk so much that it was ultimately pulled from pharmacies.

    In reality, Actos might actually be just as bad for your heart. And even if you manage to survive that risk, you could find yourself in a life-or-death battle with bladder cancer.

    Some alternative!

    Now, Takeda Pharmaceuticals -- the company that makes the drug -- is bracing itself for some 10,000 lawsuits after a study this year found the med can actually increase the risk of bladder cancer by up to 40 percent.

    The news caused France and Germany to pull the drug from the market -- but naturally, the FDA did no such thing. Instead, the agency took just about the weakest action possible: It ordered the company to tweak the fine print on the warning label.

    And that means, as usual, the only one who can protect you is you.

    If you've already made the jump from Avandia to Actos, don't even waste your time looking for your next "safe" landing spot.

    You won't find it.

    Actos, Avandia and the rest of them aren't cures -- they exist only to "manage" the disease, and if you keep taking them you'll manage yourself right into the grave.

    There's just one way to beat diabetes, and that's with the lifestyle changes that would have prevented it in the first place: Give up sugar, give up carbs and get your life back.

    It really is that simple. But if you need a boost, look up benfotiamine. It's a synthetic form of thiamine so powerful it can actually undo years of diabetes damage.

  3. The two-in-one med that's double the trouble

    Diabetics, you know the score: The more pills you take... the sicker you get. Well, now Merck wants to "help." They're cutting back on the number of pills -- but don't get too excited: They're not actually reducing the number of drugs.
  4. Tame your blood sugar

    If you're like most diabetics, all the meds and insulin in the world won't stop you from getting sicker and weaker... and next thing you know, you'll watch, watch, watch as the disease spirals out of control.
  5. A knockout blow to diabetes

    In the wake of the Avandia scandal, I've been searching the planet for a better, safer and more effective way to reverse the damage caused by diabetes.

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