benefits of moderate drinking

  1. Moderate drinking can protect women's bones

    Moderate drinking can protect women's bones

    Put down that pill bottle ladies, and pick up a bottle of booze instead -- because liquor will do more to keep osteoporosis at bay than any drug ever will.

    We've known for ages that women who drink have a lower risk of this bone-cracking disease. Now, the latest research goes behind those numbers to find out why.

    And you're going to love this one -- because it's just the excuse you've been looking for to make sure that EVERY night is ladies' night!

    Here's the deal: Bone is living tissue, and like all living tissue it's constantly rebuilding itself. For women, estrogen plays a critical role in that process... but obviously, once you hit a certain age, the body slams the brakes on hormone production.

    You know what happens next. That bone tissue becomes as strong as Kleenex tissue -- unless you're a drinker, because it turns out that alcohol can actually take the place of estrogen in the bone-building process.

    In one recent study, blood tests on 40 women found fewer of the expected signs of bone loss in those who were moderate drinkers.

    When these women were told to stop drinking for a couple of weeks, those markers turned up in spades. And when they were allowed to booze it up again, the signs of bone loss began to fade in as little as 24 hours.

    How's that for fast-acting?

    The good news is that all booze -- liquor, beer, wine, moonshine, etc. -- seems to have this effect, at least according to the new study.

    But if you love beer, I've got some even better news. Along with containing the alcohol your bones are thirsty for, beer is the absolute best source of the dietary silicon that's also needed to help keep those bones strong.

    The highest levels of silicon are found in hoppy brews such as IPAs. If you're a subscriber to The Douglass Report you can read more on brews and bone health right here. (And if you're not a subscriber why not correct that right now by clicking here?)

    But as the new study shows, it doesn't really matter much what you drink -- just that you do, and that you keep the habit moderate.

    That's not the only reason to drink. I've got another one coming up -- and it's a biggie.

  2. Boozers live better

    Can true happiness be found in the bottom of a liquor bottle? Probably not -- but it won't hurt you to look there. After all, a new study found that we moderate drinkers are much less likely to experience anxiety and depression than those sad-sack non- drinkers.

    I can certainly understand why -- I know I might be a little down if I couldn't enjoy a glass or two of my favorite beer at night. But it turns out the problems aren't just limited to ex-drinkers and recovering alcoholics who miss their booze: Even teetotalers who have never been drinkers experience higher rates of anxiety and depression.

    Overall, 17 percent of abstainers reported anxiety, while 16 percent of them battle depression. Heavy drinkers also experienced these problems, but not as much as the teetotalers. On the other hand, people who had two drinks per week had the lowest risk for anxiety and depression. You have my permission to drink more than that -- just keep it in moderation and you'll not only be fine, you'll flourish.

    I've already told you about some of the other great benefits of moderate drinking. Recent studies have shown that those of us who enjoy our beverage of choice without going overboard are smarter, healthier, and more likely to live longer.

    With all those great benefits, no wonder we're less likely to be depressed and anxious -- we have no reason to be!

    So break out the beer, pop the bubbly, or mix yourself a gin and tonic. Just know when to put the cork back in, and you'll be healthier AND happier.

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