1. Daily beer habit cuts heart disease risk

    The refreshing secret to cutting heart disease risk

    Summer is upon us.

    From Memorial Day to Labor Day -- when you can finally open your windows and go for long walks late in the day -- there's plenty to celebrate, all summer long.

    Whether it's a family picnic, a block party, or a parade, you know for sure that there will be bugs, barbecue, and beer.

    And according to the latest research, grabbing a cold one to wash down your grilled chicken or steak isn't just refreshing -- it's also good for your heart!

    Now, I've told you already how good red wine is for your heart health. But it turns out that the alcohol in beer can actually boost your levels of "good" cholesterol and protect you from having a heart attack.

    According to a review of 150 studies conducted by the Mediterranean Neurological Institute, if you have just 22 ounces of beer or less daily -- that's just shy of two cans, or about a pint and a half -- your heart disease risk drops 25 percent!

    But the benefits of beer don't stop there. Over the years, studies have shown that its many nutrients -- including vitamins, flavonoids, and polyphenols -- can help rebuild muscle, reverse cell damage and more. And the darker the beer, the more nutritious it is. Darker beers like stouts and porters are also loaded with iron!

    The anti-inflammatory properties in hops -- the "flowers" used in making beer -- can help you fight joint pain by decreasing the swelling that keeps you from moving around comfortably. They may even be able to prevent cancer!

    If beer isn't your thing -- and, let's face it, it's not for everybody -- you can benefit from the healing properties of hops through an extract in dry or liquid form.

    Whether or not you're a drinker, don't forget that weight management and diet are also key to heart health. The Paleo diet -- an all-natural, "back to basics" approach to eating -- can help you lose weight and lessen your heart disease risk.

    If you do choose to partake -- this summer, or any other time of year -- just be sure to keep it to two (short) cans of beer a day for the guys and one for the ladies. Anything more than that might do more harm than good.
    And while you're at it, maybe go for a nice long walk to your local beer store or craft brewery to get some heart-healthy exercise in, too.

  2. Beer ingredient may stop cancer

    The key to cancer prevention found in the ancient “beer flower”

    Ah, spring…when the winter snow thaws, everything starts to grow …and once again, it’s time to weed and mow.

    Once you’ve finished with the garden and the lawn, there’s nothing better than sitting on your porch and popping open a cold one.

    But it turns out that frothy beer could mean more than just a relaxing end to a busy day – it actually has ingredients that could help prevent and even beat cancer.

    There’s been lots of exciting research lately on the anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties found in hops, the flowers that add bitterness to your favorite brew.

    In studies, the acids in hops – called “humulones” and “lupulones,” which are also antiviral and antibacterial – have demonstrated that they may even be able to prevent leukemia by stopping the diseased cells from connecting to bone.

    Hops are a cone-shaped flower that grows native in England – and they’ve been valued for their healing properties for centuries.

    In addition to the cancer-fighting acids, hops are also packed with flavonoids, polyphenols, and even some fiber.

    The Romans actually ate them as a vegetable! And chefs have recently been experimenting with putting them back in recipes for their unusual bitterness and herbaceous flavor.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not putting you on a six-Budweiser-a-day diet. I hope you know me better than that!

    But hops extract is already widely available as a supplement in the U.S. for its ability to help prevent weight gain, improve sleep, and support joint health.

    You can safely supplement with hops extract either dry in pill form or as a liquid extract -- but, like beer, it might make you a bit sleepy.

  3. Beer slashes rheumatoid arthritis risk 31%

    A cold brew, rich in amino acids and polyphenols, could help control debilitating joint pain.
  4. Party for your health

    Men who go out twice a week with friends are healthier than men who don't, according to the latest research.
  5. Beer can keep colds away

    Drink up: A compound locked inside the hops used in beer can fight off the virus responsible for many respiratory infections.
  6. Moderate drinking can protect women's bones

    Women looking to get a leg up on osteoporosis should raise a glass -- because new data shows that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of the bone disease.
  7. Boost your brain with beer

    Beer! It's one of life's greatest guilty pleasures -- but I've never understood why you've had to feel guilty about it at all.
  8. After a heart attack, drink up!

    Forget the PC nonsense -- moderate drinking is a HEALTHY habit, and a beer or two at the end of each day can actually protect your heart.
  9. Booze for the brain

    Researchers looked at data on some 365,000 patients who took part in 143 studies published since 1977 and found that a moderate drinking habit can slash the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other forms of cognitive impairment by 23 percent.
  10. Shrinks try to nix booze for seniors

    I'm sick and tired of the mainstream treating seniors like children. ... Researchers from Britain's Royal College of Psychiatrists are urging their government to tell seniors they shouldn't have more than 1.5 units of alcohol a day. That's only half a bottle of beer!

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