1. Hair drug can stop you from drinking

    Can't hold your liquor? Maybe it's the Propecia

    Going bald isn't officially considered a form of mental illness, but it may as well be.

    Ever see how crazy men act when they see that first glint of skin up top?

    They lose all common sense, and many will do almost anything to get it back -- leading to one of the biggest mistakes they'll ever make: Propecia.

    That's a hair loss drug that does double-duty as a prostate treatment. It can pack some horrific sexual side effects -- potential side effects that could hang around even after you stop taking the drug -- but I'm not going to focus on that today. (Read all about it right here if you want to know more.)

    No, today I want to focus on a newly uncovered side effect that might be downright mild by comparison, but could also change your life and limit how you enjoy yourself: Propecia may make it so you can't hold your liquor anymore.

    In one new study, two-thirds of drinkers on Propecia either cut back on their booze intake or even quit completely -- and in many cases, this lasted even after they stopped taking the drug.

    Many said that when they did drink, they had a harder time recovering. And many became depressed when they had to cut back or give up.

    Wouldn't you? Booze isn't just a great way to enjoy yourself, it's also one of the best ways to boost your health. Moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart disease, dementia, and more -- and moderate drinkers LIVE LONGER, too.

    But if you start knocking back drugs to get a little hair back, you might be forced to stop knocking back liquor too -- and miss out on all those great benefits.

    If you're losing your own hair, you don't need to risk your sex life or your social life to get it back. There are natural ways to slow and even reverse hair loss. Search my online archives for the answers.

  2. Hair growth drug could come with long lasting sexual side effects

    Hair growth could cost you your erection

    Men, there's a drug out there that really might deliver on the promise of a fabulous Fabio head of hair. But before you take it, put on a black suit -- because you could be heading to a funeral for a dearly departed best friend.

    Your penis.

    I've warned you before about the erection-killing side effects of finasteride, aka Propecia. Now, startling new numbers show how these problems can last for years after you stop taking it.

    And if that injury isn't enough, finasteride has been reported to also deliver the ultimate insult by shrinking you "down there."

    Researchers spoke with 54 men under the age of 40 who had normal sex lives before taking the drug, but turned completely abnormal after.

    For 96 percent of them, the sex problems lasted at least a year after they stopped taking the drug.

    Along with erectile dysfunction, some of these men also reported libido problems, trouble with orgasms and even shrinking genitals. That last one came with pain... physical pain, although I imagine there was plenty of psychological pain to go along with it.

    Believe it or not, the problems didn't end there. Some men also reported depression and anxiety (naturally) as well as another neurological problem, cognitive haziness, according to the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

    Of course, all this should have been obvious the moment they created this drug -- because it's an androgen blocker. Essentially, that means it's a MANHOOD blocker.

    The good news is you can get your hair back without destroying your manparts using all natural substances like saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol. Just search my online archives for the solution that is right for you by clicking here.

    I'm not done showing you the downside to "sexy" yet. Keep reading for another risk.

  3. The deadliest way to 'treat' your prostate

    If the drug industry's marketing geniuses couldn't use fear to sell meds, they wouldn't have any sales pitch left at all -- and nowhere is that more true than in prostate meds.
  4. Hair today, sex life gone tomorrow

    The treatment is finasteride, but you probably know it as Propecia -- and two new studies show how it can transform a raging bedroom bronco into a sleepy little pussycat.

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