Flying the filthy skies

If you're anything like me, you enjoy boarding an airplane as much as scrubbing the toilet. Except, chances are, the toilet is a lot less messy.

It's bad enough that you're sharing an arm rest with some 400-pound chatterbox who's sweating through his T-shirt. But one row over, some fussy baby is blowing snot bubbles between his ear-splitting screams.

And that's when you realize that terrorists are the LEAST of your worries -- because there's already a filthy germ bomb detonating all around you.

In fact, it may have exploded DAYS before you stepped foot on the plane. That's because a new study from Auburn University found that disease-causing germs can live on airplane surfaces for up to ONE FULL WEEK!

That means seven full days ago a passenger may have drooled on your headrest, or used the in-flight magazine as a Kleenex, and their germs could still be having a party in seat 23A. In fact, researchers found potentially-deadly MRSA bacteria living on seat pocket cloth seven days after exposure, and E. coli surviving for 96 hours on armrests.

So much for the "friendly skies"!

If you have a commercial flight coming up, spend the next several days getting your immune system into shape. Load up on vitamin C and start taking some probiotics to beef up your gut's immune defenses.

And be sure you bring a Hefty-sized barf bag onto the plane. Because once you take a look around that jumbo germ jet, there's a good chance you're going to feel more than a little nauseous.