1. Fry up some bacon for a longer life

    The truth about bacon

    There's a lot of wacky stuff out there when it comes to fighting the effects of aging -- ultra-low calorie diets, vegan living, avoiding booze, etc. etc. etc. But none of that nonsense will add so much as a second to your life -- and even if it did, would it be a life worth living?

    Heck, NO!

    Well, I'm here to tell you that you CAN fill your belly with the delicious foods you already love and live longer at the same time -- and you can start by frying up some bacon.

    Yes, bacon -- because the same delicious bacon everyone's telling you to avoid like the plague is actually GOOD for you!

    Bacon is one of the top sources of vitamin B3, aka niacin, and a new study on roundworms shows that this single nutrient could have the power to add years to your life.

    In a series of experiments, worms given niacin lived 10 percent longer than worms deprived of it.

    The catch of course is that this is a study on worms, not people -- but you don't need to be a creepy-crawly to get the benefits of niacin yourself. In fact, B3 is so critical to your heart that Big Pharma has been selling it as a "drug" for years (but of course, their synthetic niacin is nowhere near as good as what you get from a few slices of all-natural bacon).

    And that's not the only "good stuff" in bacon. Heck that might not even be the best stuff in bacon -- because the salt, the fat, the cholesterol and even the nitrates are actually HEALTHY!

    I know that goes against just about everything you've heard-- but it's absolutely true. The real junk you need to avoid at breakfast isn't bacon. It's sugar-spiking carbs -- toast, cereal, juice and more. Carbs can wreck your body from the inside, increase your risk of obesity and diabetes and speed you on the path to an early demise.

    Stick to bacon instead. Serve it alongside some eggs and a piping hot cuppa Joe (another excellent source of niacin), and you've got the absolute best way to start the day.

    I'm not done with extending your life just yet. Keep reading for one more secret ingredient that could put a few extra years on your calendar.

  2. Red meat 'study' is more lies in disguise

    Another day, another phony attack on red meat.

    I'm sure you've seen the headlines by now, so I won't bore you with the details. In a nutshell, researchers claim that every 3 ounces of red meat a day will boost your risk of an early death by 13 percent.

    With deli meats and bacon, that risk supposedly shoots up to 20 percent.

    I have to say "supposedly" because the study proves exactly none of this. The researchers clearly want you to think meats are junk food -- but in reality, this is just more junk science.

    You know by now how these agenda-driven studies work. First, they try to dazzle you with big numbers -- like the 37,698 men and 83,644 women tracked for up to 28 years.

    Sure sounds like a lot, and it is.

    But the researchers made no attempt to distinguish people who eat the most meat and have a healthy lifestyle from those who eat the most meat because they eat the most of everything.

    You know the ones I'm talking about. They don't know what beef looks like without a sesame seed bun and a side of fries. And do you even know anyone who eats deli meats NOT on some form of bread and without a bag of chips?

    It's all those carbs that'll make you fat, sick and ultimately dead -- not meats -- and the study actually proves it: The "meat eaters" in this one were fat and sedentary.

    Since it's practically impossible to get fat on a true low-carb diet, these people were clearly eating extra carbs with their extra meat.

    And that, my friends, is the REAL reason they're dropping like flies.

  3. Twinkies for breakfast

    No sane parent would give a kid Twinkies for breakfast -- yet moms and dads across the country routinely let their children gobble up bowl after bowl after bowl of cereal.
  4. Have a hot dog

    Don't eat that! You'll get CANCER! How many times have you heard that irritating bit of naggery over hot dogs, bacon, ham, and other cured (and delicious) meats?
  5. Shake away diabetes?

    I've seen oodles of wack-a-doodle diabetes treatments in my time -- but this one takes the shake. I mean "shake" and not "cake" because that's what you'll get on this daffy new plan: diet shakes, and not much else.
  6. How to save a vegan

    So skip the brain and go right for the nose: Fry up some bacon, because the very smell of fatty pork has been known to turn card-carrying PETA members back into bloodthirsty carnivores.
  7. Bacon and Eggs-asperation in the UK…

    Researchers from the Leeds University used a high-tech computer and over 50 volunteers in evaluating and testing over 700 variations of bacon for the table.

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