1. Coke to pull flame retardant from ingredients list

    Coke customers (literally) drinking from the fire hose

    With my clumsy cooking skills, things in my kitchen can turn from "Peking duck" to "duck and cover" in a hurry. I've kept a fire extinguisher next to my refrigerator for years -- and I'm proud to say I've never confused the two.

    And if that just makes good sense to you... if you've never had the hankering to wrap your lips around your fire extinguisher hose and fill your belly with flame retardant... I have one simple question for you.

    Got any Coca-Cola products in the house?

    Those sugary soda-pop slingers have been coating your insides in dangerous flame retardant for years. Now they say they're ready to stop -- but that's only half the story.

    Coca-Cola has just announced that it plans to pull brominated vegetable oil from its Powerade, Fanta and Fresca products. BVO keeps ingredients in citrus beverages from separating -- but that's the least of its talents. It's a patented flame retardant that's been linked to everything from headaches to memory loss, and it's been banned for years in Europe and Japan.

    Coca-Cola is only pulling BVO now because of pressure from an online petition -- but you'd better believe they're not done poisoning us. In fact, one of Coke's top-selling diet sodas is sweetened with rat poison! Don't believe me? Check out all the details here.

    Whether it's through their sickening sugars or dangerous additives, Coke has turned poisoning us into a billion-dollar business -- and they're not about to stop.

    If you need a pick me up, give a strong pot of coffee a try. A little more coffee won't just cut your disease risk -- it'll keep those crooks at Coke from putting out that fire in your belly for good.

  2. New lies over aspartame

    European review of aspartame was fixed

    Sometimes, I hate being right.

    I warned you early on that the European "review" of aspartame was a sham, with the outcome fixed from the start. But believe me, I would've loved it if they proved me wrong.

    If the European Food Safety Authority had the nerve to finally recognize the dangers of this artificial sweetener, I'd happily print out my words and eat them.

    But of course, they've done no such thing. Instead, the agency cut off its planned 11-year review after just four years, saying they've seen enough to conclude that aspartame is safe.


    Aspartame is a proven neurotoxin known to attack the central and peripheral nervous systems on the cellular level. It's been linked to brain tumors, migraines, seizures, coma, memory loss and more.

    The FDA receives (and seemingly ignores) more complaints on aspartame than any other food additive -- so many, that their binder on this stuff must be three feet thick by now.

    That tells me it's either truly dangerous, or the object of a mass delusion the likes of which the world has never seen.

    I'm going with "truly dangerous." And for all those dangers, this poison doesn't even deliver on its central promise.

    It's supposed to be a diet alternative to sugar, a no-calorie sweetener than can help people to lose weight and avoid major disease. In reality, it tricks your brain into expecting calories that never come -- ultimately increasing your appetite and making you more likely to overeat.

    That's why studies have consistently shown that diet soda drinkers don't have a lower risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, the risk of these and other conditions is actually HIGHER in diet soda drinkers.

    If this is a "diet" ingredient, then it must be a diet from you-know-where (or at least Washington).

    Bottom line here is that you need to treat aspartame the way you treat any other hazardous chemical: keep it out of your food and drink, out of your home and out of your body.

  3. Diet soda leads to diet disaster

    Diet soda drinkers have a higher risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and more, according to a major new analysis of the published research.
  4. Soda in new diabetes link

    Just a single 12-ounce can of cola a day can cause your risk of diabetes to skyrocket, according to new research.
  5. How soda may worsen your osteoarthritis

    Men with knee osteoarthritis who down sugary drinks may suffer more severe damage than men who avoid soft drinks, even when they're not obese.
  6. What's really inside artificial sweetener packets

    The aspartame people are expanding their sweetener business in a big way -- and that's bad news for you.
  7. Same story, different day for diet soda

    Want to know what happens when you inject a bunch of bubbles into a liquid poison, and then seal it in a can? You get diet soda!
  8. The next great 'sin tax' is coming

    Love sugar? Better stock up while you still can -- because the next great Nanny State attempt at social engineering will be taxing the sweet stuff right out of your cupboard.
  9. The sweetener that's MORE DANGEROUS than aspartame

    The same company that gave us the dangerous sweetener aspartame is back with one hell of an encore. It's called neotame, and it's like aspartame on steroids. It's stronger, sweeter, more stable, and cheaper.
  10. How soda can slowly kill you

    Breaking news: Sugar is bad for you! I know, I know -- you'd have to be soft in the head to think this stuff won't damage your heart… but judging by the always-rising sales of sugary drinks, that message hasn't exactly sunk in with the masses.

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