The one common habit that can wreck your knees

Bulging bellies and broken knees. That may sound like the title of a new country song, but you won't hear it on the radio. Expect to sing this tune yourself -- especially if you down soda and other sugary drinks.

You already know what these drinks will do to your belly. So today, let's focus on the knees -- because men with knee osteoarthritis who downed five soft drinks a week suffered DOUBLE the loss of joint space of men who don't drink liquid junk, according to new research.

Since less joint space equals more pain, it's like being kneecapped by a beverage. Where's Tonya Harding when you need her?

Now, I know some people will assume that soda drinkers are more likely to be fat, and fat people already have worse OA symptoms -- but that's not what's going on here.

In fact, the study of more than 2,000 OA patients found the link to be strongest in THIN men with a steady soda habit. And in women, the only link between soda and worsening osteoarthritis was in the stick figures who drank the most soft drinks.

Clearly, this stuff can hurt you even when you can't see the damage on your waistline, and that's not the only invisible risk here. The key ingredients in soda and other sugary drinks have been linked to osteoporosis, diabetes, and the types of cellular damage that can speed aging and increase the risk of disease.

Heck, even the COLOR of soda has been linked to cancer in animals!

Don't waste your time switching to diet drinks. Not only are all these other ingredients still there, but the artificial sweeteners used in them are actually worse for you than plain old sugar.

And I think the most common artificial sweetener of all, aspartame, is quite literally the most dangerous additive ever approved for human consumption. Click here to learn more.

Besides, "diet" drinks won't even help you diet -- but that hasn't stopped soda makers from spending millions to convince you otherwise. In fact, Pepsi is right now making an outrageous claim about one of its new drinks.

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