1. Dangerous levels of arsenic found in well water

    Is this killer chemical coming out of your tap?

    Next to juice, wine, and anything fizzy in a can, plain old "H20" can seem pretty boring and tasteless.

    That's the very reason why most of us don't drink enough of it.

    But the fact is that water is the healthiest beverage on the planet -- MOST of the time.

    Unfortunately, factories and even farms have been filling our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs with industrial chemicals and heavy metals for decades -- and that means toxic gunk has been running through the pipes everywhere from Michigan to Mississippi.

    You can even find dirty water right in our nation's capital!

    Now, if you get your water from a private well and don't tap into the public system, you might think your water is as pure as can be. There can be something very appealing about living "off the grid," so to speak.

    But according to a new study, it isn't just "public" water that's at risk -- because private wells all over the U.S. contain toxic levels of the heavy metal arsenic.

    The study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Centers for Disease Control collected data on nearly 40,000 private wells across the country.

    It turned out that wells serving more than TWO MILLION people contain dangerous levels of arsenic.

    That's no drop in the bucket!

    And if you're exposed to high levels of arsenic, especially for a long period of time, it can threaten your nervous system... respiratory function... heart health... and immunity. It's been linked to diabetes and dementia. And it's known to raise your risk for multiple kinds of cancer, including skin, lung, bladder, and kidney.

    The majority of these arsenic "hotspots" were located in the upper Midwest, the Southwest, southern Texas, and even right here in New England, but you don't have to have a well to worry about what's in your water.

    After all, the feds at the EPA allow a certain amount of arsenic even in "clean" tap water. They say that it's perfectly safe... but at the same time, they also say that when they lowered that limit a few years ago, they saved lives.

    That's not exactly a reason to pat themselves on the back. How many lives are we risking by drinking any arsenic at all?!

    Now, because arsenic is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, you won't know it's in your water... unless you get it tested.

    And if testing reveals that your water isn't safe, boiling it won't remove the arsenic -- you've got to filter it out with a reverse osmosis system.

    Your local health department can help you determine the best procedures for your well.

    I'd recommend temporarily switching to bottled water for drinking and cooking until you're confident that what's coming out of your tap is safe.

    Of course, water isn't the only source of arsenic you have to be concerned about -- it's also shown up in rice and in chickens who've been medicated with it to kill parasites.

  2. Study confirms dangers of arsenic in water

    Metals exposure can boost your heart risk

    Talk about timing!

    Just days after the dunces at the FDA made the unbelievably ludicrous claim that the high levels of arsenic turning up in your food are safe, a new study confirms the obvious: It's NOT safe.

    More specifically, arsenic in the levels you're probably being exposed to RIGHT NOW can increase your risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and even death.

    The more you're exposed, the higher those risks -- and if you're at the higher end of exposure (but still within "normal" levels), your risk of death by heart attack and stroke is already 50 percent higher than it should be, according to the study.

    And if that's not enough, a little arsenic can also boost your risk of cardiovascular disease, peripheral artery disease and carotid atherosclerosis, according to the study of 3,600 people published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

    Most of the volunteers in the study were exposed to arsenic the same way you're exposed: through tap water. But that's not the only source of this poison around you right now.

    It's also in rice, apple juice, chicken and more.

    Oh, and it didn't get into that chicken by accident either. Read the shocking truth about poultry in my free report BEFORE your next chicken dinner.

    Don't count on the feds to protect you from this grave threat as both the FDA and EPA have claimed the levels of exposure you're facing right now are safe despite all evidence to the contrary.

    And that means it's up to you to protect yourself and your family.

    The two biggest sources of exposure for most people these days are rice and water. Skip the rice; it's an unnecessary starch.

    Water is another story. You can't skip it completely, but you can remove the arsenic and all other contaminants by installing a reverse osmosis water filter. Just be sure to place it where the water enters your home -- not just in the kitchen -- so that every faucet is fully protected.

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  3. FDA: A little arsenic is OK

    The FDA says the high levels of arsenic turning up in rice are OK to eat. Nonsense.
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  6. Arsenic and apple juice

    I'm sure you've heard all about the Great Apple Juice Panic by now -- but you'll have to pardon me for not joining in the outrage.

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