1. Cell phone game targeted at kids promotes plastic surgery

    Foul phone app pushes plastic surgery on kids

    When I was a kid when you wanted to make a phone call, you needed a bicycle and a dime. These days you can check your e-mail on your cell phone while playing blackjack against some guy in Indonesia.

    And now, it turns out, you can even electronically bully fat kids!

    At least you used to be able to. The culturally sensitive wiz kids at Google and Apple have just announced that maybe it wasn't such a hot idea to sell an app that lets kids perform plastic surgery on an overweight peer.

    In an age where bullied obese kids are offing themselves in record numbers, Apple and Google decided to sell "Plastic Surgery for Barbie" for kids as young as 9 years old. Fourth graders were presented with an "ugly" blonde girl who is so plump "no diet can help her" and were asked to liposuction the fat from her problem areas.

    Now I don't know what the devil paid for mainstream medicine's soul, but it isn't worth a nickel to me. Remember how up in arms we were when the tobacco companies were supposedly marketing cigarettes to kids? Where's the outrage about this game that's trying to sell elementary-aged kids on the merits of dangerous -- and sometimes deadly -- plastic surgery?

    No my friend, overweight kids aren't "ugly," they're just in need of some good old fashioned diet advice (hint, it's the same "diet" I always recommend) and a kick in the butt to get up and get moving.

    Google on the other hand is hideous, spying on us and snapping pics of our homes and posting them on the internet. Apple is obnoxious, with its founder who reportedly got a hoot out of leaving his Mercedes in handicapped parking spots. And the mainstream is revolting, telling overweight kids that no diet in the world can ever help them -- but a knife-wielding surgeon can.

    Next to these three repulsive pigs, every child or grandchild in the world, no matter what they weigh, is an absolute stunner to me.

  2. How berries boost your brain

    Despite what you've heard, you don't NEED to eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy -- and some of them are outright bad for you.

    Want to know what's inside an orange, apple or grape? Sugar! And not much else -- even the famous antioxidants in grapes and apples are concentrated in the skin, not the wet sacks of sugar inside.

    But berries are different. Berries do have natural sugars, but they're also loaded with incredible nutrients, including some you won't get anywhere else. And now, a new analysis shows why you don't need drugs to protect your brain from the ravages of aging -- just a handful of berries.

    Researchers looked at studies on just about every level -- human, animal, and cellular -- and found not the usual weak "association" between a food and a benefit I'm always warning about it.

    Instead, they found actual, specific benefits -- especially in the brain.

    In this case, they say the nutrients in berries enhance neuron communication, which in turn can not only help keep your mind sharp -- it can help keep you steady on your feet, too.

    One study even finds that berries can take over when your own body falls short.

    Over the years, we lose the ability to clean the trash out of our brains -- and I don't mean stray thoughts (although that can happen, too). No, in this case, cells called microglia that normally clean up the debris of aging start to peter out.

    But the polyphenols in berries can wake them up again and get them back on the job -- helping to keep your brain cells neat and tidy.

    These same nutrients also prevent inflammation. Throw in the fact that they taste great, and you've got my permission to eat berries every day.

  3. Arsenic and apple juice

    I'm sure you've heard all about the Great Apple Juice Panic by now -- but you'll have to pardon me for not joining in the outrage.

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