1. Creatine can beat depression

    The amino acid that can lift you out of the dumps

    When you're battling depression, don't head for the doctor -- head for the butcher instead, and order yourself the juiciest grass-fed steak he has.

    It's nature's best source of mood-boosting B vitamins and brain-building fats. And if that one-two punch isn't enough to knock your depression out, meats also have one other ingredient... a secret ingredient that's even more powerful than antidepressant drugs.

    Well, it's not a secret anymore: A new study shows that creatine -- the amino acid favored by body builders -- can outmuscle even the toughest cases of depression.

    Five grams of creatine a day for eight weeks chased major depression away completely in half for the women who tried it. Compare that to just a quarter of the women who were given a placebo.

    Can't wait eight weeks? You don't have to -- because many of the benefits kicked in almost immediately. At the two-week mark, women given creatine improved by 32 percent on a major scale used to rate depression symptoms.

    Those on the placebo "improved" by a measly 3.7 percent.

    And at four weeks, the women on creatine more than doubled their improvements to 68 percent, versus 29 percent for those on the placebo.

    All of the women were also taking the SSRI drug Lexapro when the study began.

    So if I have any problem with the study, it's the lack of a group that took creatine WITHOUT Lexapro -- because I'd bet a steak dinner that even by itself, creatine would lead to big-time improvements in depression symptoms.

    The best natural sources of creatine are, of course, meats and fish. But you won't always get enough from food alone -- and if that's your story, try a supplement. You'll find them in any vitamin shop, but avoid the ones in the bodybuilding aisle aimed at neckless gym rats.

    Stick to supplements aimed at sane people instead.

  2. The most dangerous way to lose weight

    Rejected diet drug staging a comeback

    It's the drug that could push dieters to the brink of a heart attack -- and it may be coming soon to a pharmacy near you.

    The drug Contrave has been linked to increased blood pressure levels and pulse rates -- which is why the FDA actually REJECTED it earlier this year. (Trust me, I was as surprised as you are.)

    But when the company that makes the drug stood up to the FDA, the agency backed down. (Now THERE'S the FDA we've all come to know and hate.)

    When the feds rejected the med, they demanded a major long-term study to make sure the drug's possible heart risks wouldn't kill too many people.

    That study never happened.

    Instead, they ended up signing off on a much less ambitious two-year study that proves absolutely nothing. And you know what that means. When this drug eventually hits the market, you'll be the guinea pig that determines the real heart risks.

    And believe me, there WILL be risks: Contrave isn't just one potentially bad med. It's a two-fer -- a powerful antidepressant and a risky anti-addiction drug rolled into one. And the blood pressure and pulse problems are only the beginning.

    Patients in clinical trials suffered headaches, nausea, and more -- with one battling a gall bladder infection and another coming down with seizures. It's no wonder 40% of trial participants DROPPED OUT.

    If that's not enough to keep you away from the med, consider this: It doesn't even work!

    As little as 40 percent of the people who took it in clinical trials experienced a loss in body weight of 5 percent or more -- meaning obese people who pop these pills will become slightly less obese pill-poppers... if they manage to lose any weight at all.

    But you don't need to wait for the next risky diet drug to drop those pounds. There are safe and natural ways to get the job done right, and they start with what's on your dinner plate.

    For more on the best diets -- including the low-rated lifestyle that's moving to the top of my list -- check out the September issue of the Douglass Report.

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  3. When docs give up

    Time was, you could count on your doc to at least TRY to figure out what was wrong with you. Today, he'll just throw his hands up and send you home with a prescription -- and new numbers show it's usually an antidepressant.
  4. Phony baloney over hot flashes

    Whoops! Better hold off on filling your Lexapro prescriptions, ladies -- turns out it won't do much for your hot flashes after all.
  5. Diet drug carries weighty heart problems

    The new drug, approved by an FDA panel a few weeks ago, is made of the antidepressant Wellbutrin and the gimmicky "anti-addiction" drug naltrexone. People who take either often experience a little bit of weight loss.
  6. Don't be a silent victim of a drug's side effects

    Consumer Reports Magazine reveals that one in six Americans who have ever taken a prescription drug experienced a side effect that was serious enough to go to the hospital.

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