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  1. Low fat dieters have higher heart risk

    Low-fat diet takes a deadly turn

    It's the biggest nag in modern medicine -- one you've heard countless times from mainstream doctors, government health officials, and know-it-all TV talking heads.

    Saturated fat is bad for you!

    Just one problem with that advice: Saturated fat ISN'T bad for you. In fact, it's absolutely critical to your body and especially to your heart -- but don't take my word for it.

    Ask the heart patients who took part in a study where half of them were forced to slash their intake of supposedly unhealthy saturated animal fats and increase their intake of supposedly healthy polyunsaturated fats such as safflower oil.

    Well... you can try to ask them. Just don't expect too many answers -- because the ones who made that switch started dropping like flies.

    They died off at DOUBLE the rate of the heart patients who were allowed to keep eating saturated animal fats. They had a higher risk of death from all causes, and more specifically a higher risk of death from heart disease and other heart problems, according to the study in BMJ.

    What'd I tell you?

    Of course, I've been saying this for decades now, and the science has backed me up time and time again. Yet mainstream talking heads and government officials keep telling you to eat your vegetables until you start to sprout yourself.

    Then they have the audacity to wonder why heart disease remains our leading cause of death, year after year after year!

    Well, it's time to stop the wondering. If you want to protect your heart and live a long and healthy life, eat real butter, real steak, and all the fresh natural animal fats -- SATURATED fats -- you can handle.

    Skip the sugars, skip the carbs, skip the processed foods, and skip the vegetable oils in all their forms.

    And if you want to nibble on a plant or two, be my guest -- but do it because you want to, not because you have to.
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  2. Why cholesterol doesn't matter

    Lower cholesterol hasn't led to better health

    Congratulations, America -- you're healthier than ever!

    In just over two decades, U.S. cholesterol levels have plunged by an average of 10 points, according to the latest figures being touted by the mainstream.

    Total cholesterol? DOWN!

    LDL cholesterol? DOWN!

    Heart disease? Well... they'd rather not talk about that, so allow me -- because it's definitely NOT down.

    Heart disease was our leading killer when the study began back in 1988. Our average total cholesterol was 206 mg/dL -- and LDL levels were at 126 -- so the feds made bringing total cholesterol down to below 200 a national priority.

    And for once, they set a priority and actually realized it. (Too bad it wasn't something that actually matters, like the budget or our ballooning deficit!)

    So here we are today, total cholesterol at a dream-come-true 196 mg/dL and average LDL levels down to a picture-perfect 116 mg/dL -- and yet, heart disease is STILL our leading killer.

    And it's number one with a bullet.

    Some 80 million Americans already have it -- and that number's going to swell by nearly 50 percent inside of single generation, with 116 million expected to have it by 2030.

    So if the new cholesterol numbers being celebrated in the Journal of the American Medical Association are proof of anything, it's that I've been right on this all along: When it comes to predicting heart risk, your cholesterol levels are about as relevant as your hat size.

    In fact, despite what you've heard over the years, cholesterol is essential to your brain, muscles and, yes, even your heart -- and low levels can cause cancer, dementia, and death.

    That's why falling below 200 is actually dangerous.

    Don't worry, there's an easy cure for that: steak, eggs, pork chops, and chicken. The more fresh animal fats, the better. Just be sure to pass on the carbs, and watch your health improve by every measure.

    Believe it or not, your total cholesterol levels won't change too much despite all that extra fat in your diet -- but they will and should remain above 200 (and below 300).

    Not what you've heard? Of course it isn't. If you want to learn more about the shocking truth behind cholesterol and the rest of the sacred mainstream medical myths, read this.

    And for more on a risk factor for heart disease you really should worry about, keep reading!

  3. Diabetes 'cure' is worse than the disease

    Good news, diabetics: You can be "cured" of your disease -- and all you have to do is starve yourself for four months. Sound like fun? Of course it doesn't -- but researchers claim they'll leave you disease-free if you're willing to take leave of your senses and commit to a diet of just 500 calories a day, and not a drop more.
  4. Mommy issues

    But in a twisted experiment that never should have made it past an ethics committee, researchers pumped 8-year-old girls full of the diabetes drug metformin for four years to see how it would affect their fertility later on.
  5. How the USDA is killing you

    Need more proof that the government's dietary guidelines will kill you? Try this one on for size: The USDA says that you can get up to 25 percent of your daily calories from added sugars such as high-fructose corn syrup. That's happens to be the same amount of sugar that has been PROVEN to put you on a collision course with heart disease.
  6. Inside the world's deadliest mega-structure

    We've built more pyramids than the Egyptians -- but while the ones in the desert have stood for thousands of years, ours crumble practically overnight.
  7. UN:Skip meat to save the planet

    The meat-hating fanatics at that extremist organization known as the United Nations are at it again -- saying the human race must turn vegan to survive.
  8. Vegans angry over poisoned soy burgers

    Sorry pal, but you'd have to be high on sugar to believe that animal fats are causing disease. Our problem isn't meats -- it's sweets.
  9. Your money or (and) your life

    Some of you may know that I'm a big fan of the alternative financial media - things like small niche newsletters and online investment advisories. Even if you didn't know this about me, it really shouldn't come as a surprise to you, since I make my living (proudly, I might add) as a member of the alternative medical media..
  10. Fat facts and follies

    For decades now, one of the staples of my campaign to re-educate (or counter-educate, as it were) Americans as to what's healthy has been to promote a proper understanding of the vital role fats - especially the mainstream-maligned saturated ones - play in your good health.

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