American Heart Association

  1. Popular pain reliever boosts atrial fibrillation risk 84%

    AHA attack dogs don't have your best interest at heart

    When I was fighting in World War II, we had ourselves a little deal with the Nazis. They wore their silly knee-high girl boots and parachute pants, and we GIs wore our tough-as-nails green fatigues.

    Because when you're in the heat of battle, when bullets are flying everywhere, you need to be able to tell which side a guy is fighting for.

    Just remember that the next time you hear the goose-stepping frauds at the American Heart Association crowing about how they're fighting some war against heart disease, our country's number-one killer. Because underneath those inspirational T-shirts they toss around at walk-a-thons, the AHA is wearing a uniform that ought to make you madder than a cornered cobra.

    They're playing for Team Big Pharma.

    Just look at how the AHA reacted to a breakthrough study out of the Netherlands that proved a billion-dollar class of prescription painkillers could be a nail in the coffin for seniors like you.

    This massive study followed 8,400 seniors for an average of 13 years and found that folks who took non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) were a whopping 76% more likely to suffer atrial fibrillation, a potentially fatal irregular heartbeat. Worse still, if you took an NSAID -- even prescription-strength ibuprofen -- in the past month, your risk of afib may have skyrocketed 84%!

    So how did these clowns at AHA respond? Did they spend even a fraction of their fortune to warn folks like you to head to your nearest toilet and flush your NSAIDs like a dead goldfish?

    Not exactly. Instead, they dispatched their "spokesman" Dr. Gregg Fonarow of UCLA to throw cold water on the research and declare that more "study" was needed. Friend, when a class of drugs that has ALREADY been linked to heart failure and sudden death boosts your afib risk 84%, we don't need more study -- we need a massive global recall!

    And that's when I started poking around to see which side Dr. Fonarow is REALLY fighting for. Turns out this is the same doctor who accepted $141,000 in "speaking" fees from GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, makers of NSAIDs Treximet and Celebrex. Talk about a "potential" conflict of interest. Lots of you could work tax-free for five years without pulling in as much cash as Dr. Fonarow has accepted from Big Pharma -- and this was the attack dog the AHA chose to unleash to discredit a study that could save your life!

    Friend, I told you I was going to start naming names, and I'm not kidding. AHA and its experts have been accepting millions in drug company "grants" and "donations" for years, and it's high time you learned which team they're playing for.

    Here's a hint -- it's not yours.

  2. New heart guidelines a cash grab for statins

    Big Pharma lapdogs trying to force statins on millions

    You need two things to practice medicine as long as I did -- a steady hand and an iron stomach.

    When I bandaged war wounds as a flight surgeon, my hand never flinched. When I manned African clinics, treating tribesmen with viruses eating away their flesh, I never batted an eye.

    But for the first time in my 60 years of medicine, I can admit that I'm truly sickened -- and you should be, too. There's a cancerous epidemic sweeping across America today, threatening every man, woman and child from Anchorage to the Gulf Coast.

    But you won't read about it in any medical journal, and you won't find Tom Brokaw crowing about it on the evening news.

    Because this cancer, this disease, is political corruption, and it's spreading from shady backrooms in Washington where politicians are selling your health for pennies on the dollar.

    If you need proof just check out the new federal heart health guidelines that are designed to get every adult in America to start popping dangerous, cholesterol-lowering statins.

    You see, when our government decided we needed new heart health guidelines written, they didn't approach university scientists or create a panel of leading cardiologists. They handed the job -- lock, stock and barrel -- over to the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, two organizations that have spent DECADES taking Big Pharma's cash in the form of "donations."

    Want to guess what happened? The crooks at the AHA and ACC have just released guidelines that will be used by thousands of physicians nationwide to put BILLIONS in drug company coffers -- and some of you into your graves.

    Under the new guidelines, half of all Americans over the age of 40 (and nearly all adults 60 and older) now qualify for statins. Drug companies will now be able to sell statins, which have been linked to liver disease and breast cancer, to an additional 13 million Americans a year. That's equivalent to the entire population of Pennsylvania.

    And aside from making drug company billionaires even richer, there's not a reason in the world for it. You see, the feds whine about a heart disease epidemic in America, but according to their own data heart disease has been the leading killer in America since AT LEAST 1935.

    Nothing has changed, except we now have billion-dollar drugs on the market, and a government that's willing to play ball.

    It's corruption that would have made Al Capone's mouth water, and you want no part of it. So at your next check-up, when your doc hits you with the "good news" that you now qualify for statins, tell him you have some news of your own.

    Your health isn't for sale.

  3. Heart patients: Just 'do it'

    Bouncing back after a heart attack doesn't mean you have to stop bouncing in the bedroom. Sex is actually the SAFEST cardiovascular workout around, even for heart patients.
  4. Why you need MORE salt

    There's no other way to put it: Any doc who's still pushing the government-backed low-sodium diet is a complete ignoramus, plain and simple -- because the problem facing most Americans these days isn't too much salt... it's TOO LITTLE!
  5. Ignore everything you hear about this 'danger'

    The nag-nag-nag over salt just won't stop.
  6. Statin guidelines written under the influence

    Think your doc's concern about your cholesterol levels comes from a genuine interest in your health? Think again: It comes from a set of guidelines created by "experts" who were bought and paid for by the companies that make cholesterol meds.
  7. The mafia approach

    A recent study from the Archives of Internal Medicine proves (once again) that Big Pharma buys guideline panels the same way that the mafia buys juries.
  8. Heart organization keeps getting it wrong

    If you're looking for a "simple" way to get fatter and sicker faster than ever, then the American Heart Association has a plan for you.
  9. AHA warns of hidden sugar dangers

    According to the AHA, women should have no more than 100 calories of sugar each day; men are allowed only slightly more – 150 calories per day.
  10. Financial ties cloud AHA blood pressure recommendation

    The supposed link between high blood pressure and heart disease has gotten out of hand over the past few years. The American Heart Association (AHA) isn't helping matters.

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